Piper Products 2ATCA-SN Tray Silverware Napkin Dispenser

Piper Products 2ATCA-SN Tray Silverware Napkin Dispenser


Piper Products 2ATCA-SN Tray Silverware Napkin Dispenser

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Tray, Silverware & Napkin Dispenser, cantilever style, mobile design, (18) hole silverware holder (cylinders NOT included), for various tray sizes, all stainless steel finish, 4" swivel casters


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Piper Products 2ATCA-SN Specs

Brand Piper Products
Model Number 2ATCA-SN
Weight 350 lbs
Height 41"
Dispenser Style cantilever
Dispenser Type mobile
Tray Size various
Cylinders 8
Dispenser Construction stainless steel

Piper Products 2ATCA-SN Cantilever Style Tray, Silverware & Napkin Dispensers

Why use Piper Products Tray?


Approx. 100-150 trays, 500 napkins, 35-40 pieces of silverware in each cylinder.

Frame And Body

The frame is constructed of all welded heavy gauge stainless steel. The body sides are stainless steel. The sloped top is stainless steel, cut out to accommodate optional round silverware cylinders and one furnished napkin dispenser (see specification on Page D-11). The front panel is removable for adjustment access.

Dispensing Mechanism

The tray carrier, constructed of all welded 16 ga. stainless steel, is raised by a series of coil springs attached to the frame. Ball bearing guides and a single stainless steel aircraft type cable keep the carrier level in all directions, even with an unbalanced load. The cable runs over prelubricated plated steel pulleys.


Adjustment for various tray weights is easily accomplished by removing the front panel, then engaging or disengaging individual springs as required.


The unit is mounted on four 4" diameter, heavy duty, swivel, casters

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