Piper Products 3-HF-HIB Electric Hot Food Serving Counter

Piper Products 3-HF-HIB Electric Hot Food Serving Counter


Piper Products 3-HF-HIB Electric Hot Food Serving Counter

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Elite Hot Food Serving Counter, electric, 46"L x 36"H, (3) sealed wells with 1000w element with thermostat each, mobile modular design with interlocking mech., 14 gauge stainless steel top, heated storage base with pan slides, stainless steel front & end panels, manifold drains standard, 5" casters, 4.5kW, UL


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Piper Products 3-HF-HIB Specs

Brand Piper Products
Model Number 3-HF-HIB
Weight 310 lbs
Width 46"
Depth 28"
Height 36"
Certifications NSF, UL
Pan capacity (3) pan
Base Finish stainless steel
Design enclosed heated base
Overall Width (side - side) 43" - 48"
Working Height 36"
Type mobile
Top Construction stainless steel
Well Type sealed well

Piper Products 3-HF-HIB Heat-In-Base

Why use Piper Products Heat-In-Base ?

The heat-in-base system is a built-in option which permits handy storage of prepared foods directly under your Elite hot food wells. Pan rack assemblies are provided to allow storage of standard 12 x 20 food pans. Each pan rack assembly will accommodate the following full size pans: 6 - 2-1/2" deep pans or 3 - 4" deep pans or 2 - 6" deep pans. Only Piper’s equipment has the advantage of technology and certification. This ensures that your food is kept “out of the Danger-Zone.” Food spoilage occurs mainly because of rapidly accelerated bacteriological activity within the 40F-140F “Danger Zone.” With hot food stays above 140F longer and cold food is kept below 40F. Both are key factors in HACCP compliance and the fight against foodborne pathogens

Piper Products 3-HF-HIB Electrical

  • Temperature in the heat-in-base controlled by a single thermostat. Heating elements are 500 watt tubular type. The heat-in-base is electrically interwired to the base unit thus one common cord and plug is provided. The availability of the heat-in-base option is dependent upon total amperage of the base unit plus the heat-in-base option.
  • Drain valve exits operator’s left side as standard. Drain valve is 3/4" FPT.
  • Two and three well units are available in 120, 208, 240 volts, single phase standard
  • Eight foot electrical cord and plug

Piper Products 3-HF-HIB Assembly Structure

    Double wall stainless steel hinged doors provided. Doors insulated with one inch density insulation. Each door hinged and provided with a magnetic catch and recessed door pull. Heat-in-base sides and back are of double wall construction and insulated with high density fiberglass insulation.

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