Piper Products ACSCA-ST Cup & Saucer Dispensers

Piper Products ACSCA-ST Cup & Saucer Dispensers


Piper Products ACSCA-ST Cup & Saucer Dispensers

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Cup & Saucer Dispenser, cantilever style, mobile design, single rack platform, (2) saucer dispenser, stainless steel construction, 4" swivel casters


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Piper Products ACSCA-ST Specs

Brand Piper Products
Model Number ACSCA-ST
Weight 200 lbs
Height 42"
Exterior Finish all stainless steel exterior
Dispenser Style cantilever
Dispenser Type mobile
Rack Size 20" x 20"
Rack dispenser 1
Saucer dispenser 2

Piper Products ACSCA-ST Cantilever Cup, Saucer, & Glass Dispensers

Piper Products ACSCA-ST Specification

  • Frame And Body: The frame is constructed of all welded heavy gauge stainless steel. The body is stainless steel on all sides and top, and is fitted with a stainless steel tubular push handle. The front panel is removable for adjustment access.
  • Cup Dispensing Mechanism:The rack carrier, constructed of all welded 16 ga. stainless steel, is raised by a series of coil springs attached to the frame. Ball bearing guides and a single stainless steel aircraft type cable keep the carrier level in all directions, even with an unbalanced load. The cable runs over pre-lubricated plated steel pulleys. Adjustment for varying weights is easily accomplished by removing the front panel, then engaging or disengaging individual springs as required.
  • Saucer Dispenser: The unit includes two Model AT adjustable, drop-in saucer dispensers (see Page D-9 for specifications). The saucer dispenser size (AT1, AT2 or AT3) is required when ordering
  • Casters: The unit is mounted on four 4" diameter, heavy duty, swivel, casters.
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