Piper Products EGG-1212

Piper Products EGG-1212


Piper Products EGG-1212

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Egg Dispenser, drop-in, 18 doz. egg capacity, perforated panels allows unit to be dropped into a refrigerated counter


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Piper Products EGG-1212 Specs

Brand Piper Products
Model Number EGG-1212
Weight 55 lbs
Width 12.63"
Depth 12.63"
Height 28"

Piper Products EGG-1212 Egg Dispenser

Why use Piper Products Egg Dispenser?

This dispenser is designed for use in kitchens where fast breakfast service is required. It provides up to eighteen dozen fresh eggs at counter height within finger-tip reach. Flats of eggs may be placed directly into the dispenser, thus preventing breakage. The unit is perforated for use in refrigerated counters.

Piper Products EGG-1212 Specification

  • Body:The square tubular body is constructed of all welded 22 ga. stainless steel and is fitted with a 14 ga. stainless steel flange at the top.
  • Dispensing Mechanism:The self-leveling assembly consists of a calibrated rustinhibited coil spring attached to a stainless steel base plate at the bottom and a stainless steel adjustment plate at the top - all joined together with a nonkinking chain. A 1" deep removable stainless steel pan rests on the mechanism. The pan is embossed on all sides to minimize contact with the body. Adjustment of the dispensing level is made by removing the top pan and turning the adjustment plate, using the finger hole provided. The entire assembly can be removed for cleaning.
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