Piper Products R2-TS Flatware & Tray Cart

Piper Products R2-TS Flatware & Tray Cart


Piper Products R2-TS Flatware & Tray Cart

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Reflections Tray Stand, double, 38"L x 30"W x 36"H, step unit, mobile modular, enclosed base, stainless steel top, molded F.R.P body with rounded corner cabinet base


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Piper Products R2-TS Specs

Brand Piper Products
Model Number R2-TS
Weight 195 lbs
Width 38"
Depth 30"
Height 36"

Piper Products R2-TS Tray Stand

Why use Piper Products Tray Stand?

The Reflections Tray Stand is a must to begin your lineup. Its versatile design can provide for all the required utensils. This Reflections unit is compatible and will interlock with other Reflection units. This Tray Stand unit holds virtually all sizes of food trays.

Piper Products R2-TS Standart Features

  • Seamless, molded FRP body with smooth exterior and rounded corners
  • 14-gauge stainless steel top with fully welded square turndowns on all sides
  • 4” diameter swivel plate casters with brakes
  • Interlocking mechanism is provided to interlock with other Reflections units
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