Piper Products SBH-3-WB Mobile Plate Dish Dispenser

Piper Products SBH-3-WB Mobile Plate Dish Dispenser


Piper Products SBH-3-WB Mobile Plate Dish Dispenser

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Wax Base Heater/Dispenser, mobile design, convection, (3) selfleveling adjustable cylinders, accommodates (60) 9" wax bases per silo, adjustable digital thermostat, thermostatic controls maintain bases at 290°F, 75 ‐ 90 minute heating time, (2) soft‐close hinged lids, fully insulated top & sides, stainless steel dispenser mechanisms with adjustable springs, push handle, heavy duty stainless steel exterior, enclosed base, corner bumpers, (4) 5" swivel plate casters


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Piper Products SBH-3-WB Specs

Brand Piper Products
Model Number SBH-3-WB
Weight 106 lbs
Plate Style round
Plate Diameter 5" - 9"
Compartment Qty (3) compartments
Base Style enclosed
Type heated

Piper Products SBH-3-WB Base or Plate Heater

Why use Piper Products Base or Plate Heater ?

SBH Series are self-leveling heaters and dispensers for plates and heat retentive devices (Piper's Diamond D-8000 wax base) used in tray make up systems. An adjustable digital thermostat makes the unit compatible for low and high heat applications. Only Piper's equipment has the advantage of technology and certification. This ensures that your food is kept "out of the DANGER-ZONE." Food spoilage occurs mainly because of rapidly accelerated bacteriological activity within the 40F-140F "DANGER-ZONE." With hot food stays above 140°F longer and cold food is kept below 40°F. Both are key factors in HACCP compliance and the fight against foodborne pathogens.

Piper Products SBH-3-WB Standart Features

  • Heavy-duty 304 high nickel 18-8 stainless steel construction
  • 5” Swivel Plate Casters
  • Corner bumpers standard
  • 3200 watts of converted forced air heat for faster heat up (thermostatically controlled)
  • Field adjustable digital thermostat
  • Gasketless lid seal design to maintain heat
  • Self-leveling, field adjustable spring dispensing design allows easy access to bases & plates
  • Two & three silo configurations
  • Holds 120 or 180 Diamond D Series wax bases - other base configurations may vary in quantity
  • Soft-close Hinges

Piper Products SBH-3-WB Construction

The exterior shall be constructed of 304 high nickel 18-8 stainless steel with the frame constructed of 18-gauge, the side and front panels constructed of 18-gauge, the back panel constructed of 18-gauge and the base constructed of 14-gauge. Two (2) and three (3) silo models shall be available. Each tube shall hold approximately 45 plates or 60 bases. The fully insulated lids shall be constructed from 20-gauge stainless steel with a gasketless design. 5” polyurethane non-marring swivel casters (2w/ brakes) shall be standard. The heating system shall be a forced air convection design that circulates thermostatically controlled super heated air evenly through the fully insulated cabinet. The dual voltage unit shall be designed to draw 3200 watts at 240 volts with 13.5 Amps and 3000 watts at 208 volts with 14.5 Amps.

Piper Products SBH-3-WB Control System

Thermostatic controls to maintain the bases at 300°F. The heating system recirculate the hot air horizontally to ensure rapid and efficient heating of the bases. Full heating of the bases is accomplished in 75 to 90 minutes. Initial heat-up of a fully loaded unit shall be approximately 2 hours or less with reheat cycles to be 1-1/2 hours depending on wax base design.

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