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Since the human kind knew that when you expose meats to an open fire in a platter they retain their juices, frying has been a thing. It's more delicious, it’s simple and easy to make and it has only taken the ways of food being made too many different levels. When it was discovered that the fat from an animal can be used to cook many other things in a tastier way, the shallow spiders grew deeper and deeper. Later in more modern times, the French fry pan became a standard piece of kitchen equipment all thanks to the geniuses that figured out frying in the much much earlier times.

J. C. Pitman and Sons Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers were found in 1918. It started as an innocent attempt to figure out a better way of frying stuff that later on led to their important discoveries. The Pitco Frialator was based on the idea that if the part that collected and burned the extra fries in the bottom of the frying pan was kept away from the high heat part of the kettle, maybe the quality of the fries would improve. And they were very much correct as their new design made them a lot of money based on the brilliant idea. They switched the old method for a method where the fat medium was now heated by tubes that run through the center of the container rather than the bottom which kept them from burning and collecting. Then the food that dripped down the tubes went to a cool zone that would help them not carbonize and ruin the frying fat.

Pitco created a genius way of cutting down the fat cost for the company as well as help save the environment a little bit with the reduced waste. By keeping their products affordable, Pitco has surely proven themselves to be an industry leader and innovation.

Pitco Frialator

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