Pitco SG14RS Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer

Pitco SG14RS Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer


Pitco SG14RS Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer


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Solstice™ Fryer, gas, floor model, full frypot, 40-50 lb. oil capacity, millivolt control, includes drain line cleanout rod & drain extension, stainless steel tank, front, door & sides, 122,000 BTU, CE, CSA Flame, CSA Star, AuGA

Pitco SG14RS Specs

Brand Pitco
Model Number SG14RS
Weight 208 lbs
Exterior Finish stainless steel front & sides
Fat Capacity (approximate) 50 lb
Controls millivolt controls
Type restaurant
Filter no filter
Fry pot stainless steel fry pot
Basket Lifts without basket lifts

The Pitco SG14RS Solstice gas fryer uses Solstice burner technology, and the millivolt thermostat maintains temperatures close to the point set by operators

Why use Pitco Solstice Gas Models?

The dependable blower free atmospheric heating system provides fast recovery to cook a variety of food products. The Solstice gas fryer comes standard with a millivolt thermostat, for melt cycle and boil mode choose the optional quick responding solid state thermostat with the matchless ignition system. The optional digital control and the elastic time computer are available and can be used with our optional labor saving highly reliable basket lift system. The patented self cleaning burner and down draft protection keeps your fryer tuned up for peak daily performance.

Pitco SG14RS Gas Fryer - (1) 50 lb Vat, Floor Model, Natural Gas, Chefs Deal's
 The Pitco SG14RS gas fryer has a heavy-duty stainless steel construction,Chefs Deal's

High Production, 57% Thermal Efficient Solstice Burner Design

The solstice burner draws more primary air for the improved air-gas mixture. The baffle design causes a scrubbing action of the flame, squeezing more heat out. This new design causes the baffle to get into radiant mode quicker for improved temperature recovery and faster cooking. The Solstice Gas models are available in 110,000BTU, 122,000BTU and 140,000BTU.

Matchless Ignition-Universal Control Harness

Ignites a standing pilot once a each day when the power is turned on. Less wear and tear on components and faster recovery when the fryer calls for heat. Mix and match controls to fit your needs. Intellifry computer, Digital Control, Solid State, or use the Solid State control as a back-up to the Intellifry or Digital.

Pitco SG14-S Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer, Chef's Deal'
Pitco SG14-S Natural Gas Fryer Millivolt technology maintains accurate oil temperatures,Chefs Deal's

Mix and Match Cabinets-Front Serviceable

Any Solstice Gas models can be combined to create the perfect combination of SG14, SG14R, SG14T or SG18 for your individual needs. All components are accessible from the front to make service and maintenance faster and easier.

Filtering Couldn’t Be Easier

With a 3” drain line, 8 gallon per minute oil pump, and simple two step filter process, what could be easier?
The Solstice Filter System is available on two or more fryers, or the Solstice SoloFilter can be put on a single gas or electric fryer

  • Step-1 : Pull the blue handle to drain the fryer.
  • Step-2 : Pull the red handle to open the oil return valve and activate the pump in one easy step.
  • 1 : Internal strainer to prevent pump clogs
  • 2 : Fewer filter parts (only 4 including the pan)
  • 3 : Clog free Extra Large 3” drain manifold and spout provide fast draining for faster turn around times
  • 4 : Our self aligning Quick Guide pan has no rack or rollers to worry about
Pitco SG14RS Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer,122,000 BTU, Chef's Deal'

Pitco SG14RS Standart Accessories

  • Shut-off feature stops gas flow if pilot goes out, preventing dangerous levels of gas buildup in the kitchen
  • Cabinet - stainless steel front, door and sides
  • Solstice Burner Technology, No blower or ceramics
  • Tank - stainless steel construction
  • Patented Self Cleaning Burner & Down Draft Protection (with upgraded controls, SSTC, Digital, Computer)
  • Millivolt Thermostat (T-Stat)
  • Themo-Safety pilot with built in regulator
  • High Temperature safety limit switch
  • Heavy duty 3/16” bottom door hinge
  • 1 ¼” (3.2 cm) Full port drain valve for fast draining

Pitco SG14RS Features

  • 9”(22.9cm) adjustable legs, easier access to clean
  • Tube rack, allows crumbs & debris into cool zone
  • Separate Manual gas shutoffs, for front servicing
  • Manual gas shut-off valve provides access for service calls
  • Integrated flue deflector
  • Removable basket hanger, requires no tools
  • Drain Line Clean out rod
  • Fryer cleaner sample packet
  • Drain extension
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