Proluxe MI8 Pizza Dough Press Accessory

Proluxe MI8 Pizza Dough Press Accessory


Proluxe MI8 Pizza Dough Press Accessory


Mold Insert, 8-1/2" embedded groove mold, approximately 8" diameter crust once baked, with receptacle, cast aluminum, for DP1100M & DP3300M


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Proluxe MI8 Specs

Brand Proluxe
Model Number MI8
Weight 15 lbs

Proluxe MI


  • Creating a defined edge around your pizza is easier than ever with Proluxe’s MIs. From 8” to 14” in just a matter of seconds. All sizes 0.5” larger to accommodate shrinking once cooked.
  • MI8 = 8.5” - 3 to 5 oz dough ball capacity*
  • MI10 = 10.5” - 5 to 7 oz dough ball capacity*
  • MI12 = 12.5” - 7 to 9 oz dough ball capacity *
  • MI14 = 14.5” - 10 to 12 oz dough ball capacity*
  • Capacity may vary depending on dough hydration and press temp and time used.
  • Various sizes of mold inserts for your dough press with receptacle.
  • Developed for the DP1100M and DP3300M models
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