RATIONAL IVARIOPRO 2-S 208/240V 3PH (LMX 100BE) Electric Multi-Function Cooker

RATIONAL IVARIOPRO 2-S 208/240V 3PH (LMX 100BE) Electric Multi-Function Cooker

RAT-IVARIOPRO 2-S 208/240V 3PH (LMX 100BE)

RATIONAL IVARIOPRO 2-S 208/240V 3PH (LMX 100BE) Electric Multi-Function Cooker


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(2-S - 208/240V) iVario Pro 2-S Multifunctional Cooking Center, (2) 6.5 gallon pans, 50-100 meals per service, integrated iVarioBoost energy management system, iZoneControl with up to (4) individually controlled heating zones, iCookingSuite intelligent cooking system, 6-point sensor core probe, AutoLift basket lift, portioned water dispenser, WiFi enabled, 208/240v/60/3-ph, 23.0 kw, CE, ETL, NSF, IPX5


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Model Number IVARIOPRO 2-S 208/240V 3PH (LMX 100BE)
Weight 174 lbs
Width 43.25"
Depth 36.88"
Height 17.25"

Rational iVario® Pro 2-S


  • The iVario is one of the world’s most cutting-edge appliances when it comes to maximizing productivity, flexibility and ease of use when searing, deep-frying, boiling, or pressure cooking, so it replaces nearly all other conventional appliances. Its one-of-a-kind heating technology offers unparalleled precision and performance, and with proactive support from its intelligent cooking assistants, you’ll get exceptional results every time, without the hassle of constantly supervising the process. It works up to four times faster than conventional appliances, while using up to 40% less energy and all while saving space, so it pays for itself in just a few months
  • iVarioBoost is our patented heating technology using ceramic elements that are attached to the heat-conductive, scratch resistant pan base. This means that the iVario heats up the pan base evenly to 392o F (200°C) in less than 90 seconds and reduces the temperature quickly if required. The iVario also has plenty of reserve power, so it can rapidly compensate for sudden temperature changes when large amounts of food or liquid are added at once. What does that mean for you? Exceptional performance. The device delivers great results and boosts productivity by as much as fourfold, while reducing cooking losses by 17% and energy consumption by 40%.
  • The iCookingSuite is your iVario’s intelligent cooking assistant - it makes operating the system easy, and offers you the best possible assistance when cooking. Intelligent sensors in the pan base automatically detect load quantities, piece sizes, and food condition, and adjust the cooking path continuously in response. Whenever there’s something you need to do, the iCookingSuite immediately notifies you. For you, this means maximum safety and a high quality standard. And you also save on time, effort, raw ingredients, and energy in the process.
  • iZoneControl allows you to divide the pan base into individual heating zones and operate them at different temperatures or cooking paths. Zones that are not in use are not heated. So you can create up to four mini-iVarios from one large iVario. Just specify the results you want and start the cooking path for the zones you’re using. You’ll save time and enjoy great flexibility while always having an eye on everything.
  • With the program management function, manual programs can be set intuitively and intelligent cooking paths can be saved with their individual settings and managed with optimal overview.
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