Restaurant Equipment

Food Preparation

Food Preparation

If you have a food serving business, it is natural to want a professional kitchen. It is possible to create a professional kitchen with the right food preparation equipment. A Chef’s Deal, we offer a wide range of food preparation equipment for restaurants that you can choose from according to your restaurant’s needs. Besides, you should keep in mind that the right food prep equipment will make you help serve your customers with even more delicious food and make you famous in the neighborhood. Have a look at Chef’s Deal’s commercial food preparation equipment now and get what you need with our financing options.

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Food Holding & Warming Equipment

Food Holding & Warming Equipment

From cold food serving counters to roll-in proofer cabinets, it is possible to find a variety of food holding equipment at Chef’s Deal. Once the food is cooked, it is important to serve it hot at restaurants. Commercial food warmers got your back at that point! You can keep the food warm until it is finished. However, keep in mind that food left in a restaurant food warmer might lose its freshness in a couple of hours. Thus, pay attention to getting the most suitable one for your food. Have a look at our commercial restaurant food holding equipment now and choose wisely!

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Food Display & Merchandising

Food Display & Merchandising

Displaying your food is as important as making it delicious. Especially, if you run a bakery shop, a butcher, or a hotel that has an open buffet, you have to consider getting a restaurant food merchandiser. At Chef’s Deal, you can find different types of commercial merchandising and display equipment from countertop hot food display cases to popcorn poppers. While deli display cases are better for bakery products, heated display merchandisers are better for hot food. Make your choice among thousands of Chef’s Deal restaurant food display equipment now and get what you need without having difficulties thanks to our financing consultancy!

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Beverage Equipment

Beverage Equipment

If you run a café or a restaurant that has a bar, using a commercial restaurant beverage equipment is a must. It will both help your daily operation go smoothly and make serving delicious beverages to your customers possible! At Chef’s Deal, you can find different restaurant beverage dispensers from juice extractors to frozen drink machines. You can view all of our commercial beverage equipment here and make your choice accordingly. Besides, it is possible to get a financing consultancy at Chef’s Deal helping you pay easier!

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Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems

We know that running an eco-friendly restaurant is hard from time to time. However, using a restaurant water filtration system will be handy for you! At Chef’s Deal, you can find different water filter systems that will save you both energy and time. Besides, there are commercial water filters for restaurants that aim to use the water filtration system for a long time. Have a look at all the products here!

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It doesn’t matter whether you run a restaurant, bar or a café when it comes to supplying your business’ restaurant equipment. If you have a food-serving business, you probably want the best kitchen equipment to satisfy your customers. Chef’s Deal is offering the high-quality restaurant equipment that you’ve always dreamt of. Choose among the large product range and upgrade your kitchen game with a professional touch.


Discover Food Preparation Equipment to Make Your Job Easier


The kitchen is where your menu comes alive. Thus, what kind of kitchen equipment you use matters a lot. Since cooking starts with choosing the right equipment to bring all the ingredients together, you should choose the food preparation equipment that matches the style of your business. Here at Chef’s Deal, it is possible to find a wide range of professional kitchen equipment from meat to walk-ins.


If you are running a restaurant, what you need to make your job easier is industrial cooking equipment. Especially, during busy hours, you’ll need some of the basic ingredients ready to be cooked. For instance; a vegetable cutter, meat slicer, and a commercial mixer may be handy at those times. Chef’s Deal offers a wide range of food preparation equipment that is different in size and capacity. Considering your daily or monthly food preparation needs, you may prefer the one suitable for your restaurant supply needs.


If you are running a café, on the other hand, there is still a need to set your kitchen up with commercial kitchen equipment that will turn your rush hours into relaxing hours. We understand that at all cafes it is important to work fast, but also maintain a high level of service. By using commercial restaurant equipment such as commercial deep fryer that will make french fries in a matter of minutes or commercial bakery equipment that will help you serve warm pastries, it will help you to maintain quality service. Have a look at Chef’s Deal’s product range from the industrial bread slicers to fruit blenders in every capacity imaginable and find the one that will make the daily routines easier for you and your team.


Present Your Food in Professional Display and Warming Equipment


You may be famous for your delicious foods, however, keeping food warm until it is ready to serve is a hard job in most restaurants. Especially if you are running a busy food-serving business, preparing and cooking food is not enough. You have a big operation that needs to keep moving, but you don’t have to worry as countertop warmers, holding cabinets, steam tables, raclette machines, commercial oven and concession supplies are here to match your professional restaurant equipment needs.


Even if some of the operations look alike when it comes to running a kitchen, no two are the same. Thus, each of them have different industrial restaurant equipment needs. For instance; restaurant equipment is powered by either electricity or gas. However, the power of the electricity or the amount of gas may change according to the daily workload of the restaurant. Also, keeping the food at the right temperature is another issue. Using industrial kitchen supplies equipped with adjustable thermostat controls is vital at that point. At Chef’s Deal, it is possible to choose among a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment offering different features, sizes, and capacities available.


Gather Your Customers Up With Drinks Made by Professional Beverage Equipment


When it comes to producing, storing and serving drinks at your restaurant or bar, what you need is a place where you can find professional beverage equipment that includes a broad product range such as tea brewers, coffee grinders, water dispensers, frozen drink machines, soda systems and more. Chef’s Deal is the answer for you! Find the right industrial kitchen equipment for your beverage services here.


Professional kitchen supplies like beverage equipment help businesses prepare ready-to-go drinks without the need for any other machine or accessory to make them ready, saving you both time and money. For instance, coffee brewers are very practical. Just fill with water, add coffee when empty and push to start! Also, they are quite easy to clean in a commercial dishwasher, which is another huge part of choosing commercial kitchen appliances.


Beverage supplies are also important if you are running a bar. Commercial bar equipment such as beverage dispensers, juicers, glass fillers, commercial ice machine, underbar units, and cocktail dispenser machines are a lifesaver during a busy night. Chef’s Deal offers an expanded range of commercial kitchen supplies that match the need of both your restaurant and employees.


Provide Filtered Water for Your Business With a Professional Equipment


A proper water filtration system is a must if you want everything to operate perfectly in your kitchen. A clogged sink or a harmful substance in your water is the last thing you want to see. Using a water filtration system as one of your commercial restaurant supplies is the right investment for your business. Here you can find different water filtration systems such as reverse osmosis, water filtration for ice machines, sanitizing water softener and more that are suitable for any kitchen.


Besides installing the right water filtration system, keeping it clean is also important. Cleaning your water filtration system may look complicated at the beginning, but it is very practical if the necessary filter accessories are used such as drain accessories and parts. There are thousands of water filtration products in Chef’s Deal. Go for the ones you need according to their different features that you look for in a water filtration equipment.


Highest Quality Commercial Restaurant Equipment Offered by Chef’s Deal


Professional cooking equipment requires a professional team to supply them for your business. Chef’s Deal, with their experience in the industry for years, offers the help you need when you decide to set up your kitchen with upgraded commercial cooking equipment. With more than 200 manufacturers, Chef’s Deal offers restaurant owners numerous quality products.


You can also find restaurant equipment for sale in Chef’s Deal’s 20,000sq ft showroom! There are also financing options when shopping from Chef’s Deal. You can apply for financing consultancy and get a monthly payment option that fits your needs. Thus, you let your business grow without getting over your budget. Have a look at all the restaurant equipment here and enhance your business with the highest quality products of Chef’s Deal.