Airpot Coffee Brewers

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Stainless Steel Airpot Coffee Brewers

Airpot coffee brewers are great aids for food and beverage serving establishments by enabling them to keep up with the stream of coffee orders. Hence, these airpot brewers are crucial for the smooth service flow of high-traffic restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, and dining halls.

Airpot coffee brewers offer practicality by brewing the coffee directly into the commercial coffee airpots. So, you can prepare coffee beforehand as the airpots or insulated pitchers will maintain the optimal coffee temperature until served to the guests and customers.

Advantages of Airpot Coffee Brewers

Commercial airpot coffee brewers are designed and manufactured to ensure high efficiency in commercial settings to allow you to successfully meet customer demands even during the most crowded hours since they are equipped with the necessary features:

  • Airpot coffee makers offer various capacities of up to 85 Oz (2.5 L) of coffee brewing per batch.
  • There are also single airpot models that will suffice for lower volume operations, while the twin airpot coffee brewers will allow you to brew 2 different types of coffee at a time.
  • As the airpots do not need an external heat source or burner to keep the coffee hot, the freshness of the coffee will last longer, and the taste will not turn to a burnt aroma.
  • The airpots have insulation, and therefore, they do not need to be stationary on a fixed burner. Thus, you can move them to the tables or service stations which will enhance service speed.
  • Many of the airpot coffee brewers have hot water faucets so that you can have hot water for other food prep requirements.

Types of Airpot Coffee Brewers

Airpot coffee dispensers are available primarily in two versions. Automatic airpot coffee brewers have a connection to the water line, and thus, they can automatically fill up their tanks and start brewing coffee.

The manual airpot coffee brewers need one of your personnel to manually fill the tank to start brewing. Even though this adds more time to the coffee brewing process, it allows you to mobilize your coffee station even for outdoor events.


Chef's Deal has a wide selection of equipment line for the foodservice industry. We carry a high-quality assortment of top-notch air pot coffee brewers from AdCraft, Bloomfield, Grindmaster, and more. You can also visit our commercial pour over coffee makers/brewers page for additional pour over coffee machines.