Decanter Coffee Makers

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Decanter Coffee Makers: Hot and Fresh Coffee

Decanter coffee makers are designed to provide a practical way of brewing, preserving, and serving coffee through a compact coffee station. These drip coffee makers feature a body comprising the water tank, brewing container, and controls.

Decanter coffee makers also have burners that will allow you to maintain the heat of coffee in a glass or stainless steel decanter until you need it. Hence, these pour-over and automatic drip coffee makers are primary necessities for restaurants, cafes, pastries, deli shops, break rooms, and offices to keep you supplied with coffee anytime.

Features and Advantages of Decanter Coffee Makers

Decanter coffee makers are of great use for efficient and constant coffee service with their well-thought configurations.

  • They have up to 3 warmers to maintain the best temperature level for coffee service. As you brew coffee into the coffee maker decanters, you can move them to the burners to continue brewing into another.
  • These burners are made from porcelain to prevent scratches and damage to decanters.
  • Some models notify for the water temperature reaches the best level for coffee brewing.
  • The brewing process can easily be controlled through the controls that are installed on the front part.

Available Types of Decanter Coffee Makers

Decanter coffee makers are available in two types manual and automatic units.

1. Commercial Automatic Decanter Coffee Makers

These commercial coffee makers have a direct connection to a water line, so the machine can automatically fill the water that is needed for coffee, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention. Automatic decanter coffee machines with water lines need to be installed in a place with a water outlet.

2. Manual Decanter Coffee Makers

These units need the operator to fill the tank with water for coffee brewing. Even though this requires more time, it enables you to move the machine around to serve in outdoor events or banquets.


Chef's Deal offers decanter coffee makers from Bloomfield, Grindmaster, and more so that you can find various models to perfectly address your needs. You may also wish to see our other commercial pour over coffee makers/brewers to have a lucrative business.