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  1. Special Price $5,133.69 $5,138.52

    FINANCE FOR: $125.33/mo.

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    FINANCE FOR: $242.03/mo.

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  19. $5,890.00

    FINANCE FOR: $143.79/mo.

  20. $3,100.00

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  21. $3,097.00

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  23. $3,980.50

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  24. $9,620.00

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  25. $10,980.00

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  26. $7,000.00

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  28. $6,270.00

    FINANCE FOR: $153.07/mo.

  29. $7,239.00

    FINANCE FOR: $176.73/mo.

  30. $5,890.00

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  31. $4,370.00

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We know that your customers enjoy good juice! Thus, you might want to upgrade your juice game a little. At Chef’s Deal, there are many commercial electric juicer types to consider. Let us help you make your last decision!


Find An Electric Juicer For Restaurants

Running a professional restaurant requires you to use commercial equipment. Especially, if you are running a juice bar or a health club that serves delicious fresh drinks, using a commercial electric juicer machine is a must.


In fact, serving healthy and delicious fresh juice is not a special thing for juice bars and health clubs. Living healthy has become more and more popular. Thus, adding health juices to your menu would be an upgrading move if you want to enhance your business. And using a commercial electric juice is what you need at that point.


With a restaurant electric juicer, you can easily pulverize fruits and vegetables so that your employees don’t use so much effort to use it. Then, you can enjoy serving freshly made lemonades, orange juices or detox juices made of vegetables. We know that your customers will like them!


Besides, if you need a specific appliance like a commercial electric citrus juicer, you can go for it. However, you can both make citrus juices and vegetable juices with an electric juicer at the same time.


Whatever you need, Chef’s Deal is there to offer. From small countertop juicers to big ones, you can find different types of juicers here at Chef’s Deal. Moreover, you can give us a call when you make your choice to get a special payment offer so that you don’t have to cancel your plans of growing your business with professional equipment. Besides, you can always reach us after your purchase. Our LiveChat works 7/24 to help you out!