Beverage Dispenser, Electric (Cold)

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  16. Special Price $1,591.01 $1,663.20

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  17. $1,278.00

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  18. $1,444.00

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  19. Special Price $682.11 $688.88

  20. $1,894.00

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  22. Special Price $870.21 $921.05

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If you are searching for an electric cold beverage dispenser, you’ve come to the right page! Here at Chef’s Deal, we offer a wide selection of commercial cold electric drink dispenser models from leading brands in the food service industry. Select a new cold drink dispenser from AMPTO, FMP and Eurodib USA electric cold beverage dispenser model for your business now! Let’s start comparing different cold drink dispensers models to find the perfect one that meets your needs.


Best Commercial Electric Cold Beverage Dispenser for You


You may need a commercial cold electric drink dispenser if you have a catering business, concessions stand, or self-service restaurant.  You can buy a cold electric beverage dispenser that has one or more compartments. The number of compartments, bowls, can go up to four. You can serve freshly squeezed juice, lemonade, and smoothies all at once with a cold beverage dispenser. You will attract your customers and boost their appetites with a cold beverage dispenser on hot summer days!


At Chef’s Deal, you will find some of the best electric cold drink dispensers in the industry. Eurodib USA electric cold beverage dispenser models can hold up to 3 gallons of juice in one tank. Another popular choice is AMPTO electric cold beverage dispenser. Like most models, the AMPTO electric cold drink dispenser has removable bowls and faucets for easy cleaning. Last but not least, you can choose to buy an FMP electric cold beverage dispenser that comes with antimicrobial bowls.


As Chef’s Deal, we are proud of our customer service. We always put our customers first and help them enhance their business. That is why we offer great options for shipment and financing. If you want to learn more about our services, our customer service agents are here for you! You can reach them by calling our toll-free call centerline or using the ChefsBot.