Liquid Coffee Dispensers

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Liquid Coffee Dispensers Meet The Need For Speed

Liquid coffee dispensers are a compact beverage equipment solution for serving large volumes of coffee to big crowds. Liquid coffee is pre-brewed into thick, super-strong coffee concentrates. Liquid coffee machines dilute this concentrated coffee with water or milk to be served instantly on demand. Since they require no brewing time, they are the fastest coffee machines on the market and are also versatile. They can deliver hot or cold coffee in different flavors. 

Benefits Of Having A Liquid Coffee Dispenser

  • Speed and high-volume output are the primary advantages of liquid coffee dispensers. That makes them perfect for convention centers, hotels, and crammed catering venues. 
  • They are unmatched when it comes to meeting the caffeine demands of a tightly-packed mass of people. 
  • Zero brewing means no waiting time and, more importantly for many operators and customers, flavor consistency at each batch.
  • Liquid coffee dispensers can serve coffee in different ways, cold or hot and sweet or strong. You can also use coffee concentrates to flavor various drinks and even dessert recipes. 
  • Customers can fill their cups at a self-serve station, or restaurants can quickly refill carafes for their table service for the convenience of customers.
  • Liquid coffee dispensers remove the labor needed for brewing. Therefore, they save operators time and money.

Buying Tips For Liquid Coffee Dispensers

Liquid coffee dispensers are relatively new coffee machines that promise many benefits. 

  • Capacity is one of the first things to check. Liquid coffee dispensers can deliver several gallons of coffee per hour. Some models can produce up to 40 gallons an hour. A unit with 7 gallons of hourly production can fill around 115 five-ounce cups per hour.
  • Liquid coffee concentrate dispensers can have single or multiple hoppers, each with its own faucet. When you have a 2-hopper unit, you can serve 2 different flavors at once.
  • Liquid coffee machines usually come in heated, unheated, or refrigerated models. Unheated requires connecting to a hot water line to serve hot coffee. Models with a refrigerated cabinet keep the coffee concentrate fresh longer, extending its flavor profile.
  • When making powdered beverages, flow rate and mix ratios make a difference. Some liquid coffee dispensers offer adjustable settings. For instance, you can set the dispense rate to 1.8 ounces per second for dispensing into coffee cups. You can select the 2.5-ounce rate when filling large dispensing vessels like carafes or airpots. The water-to-concentrate ratio can also be customized to create distinct coffee textures.
  • You can look for a portion control feature if you often alternate between dispensing into cups and larger containers. 
  • A crucial note: Liquid-iced coffee dispensers do not have a refrigeration or ice production system. They dispense liquid coffee into ice-filled cups.


A liquid coffee dispenser provides you with the flexibility of serving coffee on demand anywhere, anytime. Chef's Deal also offers an expansive selection of commercial coffee machines, including grinders, warmers, dispensers, and more.