Restaurant Grease Trap and Interceptor Parts & Accessories

Grease Trap Parts: Protect the Plumbing In Your Commercial Kitchen

Grease trap parts and accessories may seem like an adjunct thing to consider among the hustle and bustle of a commercial kitchen. However, most state and city administrations clearly stated that they have clear-cut and strict rules for separating waste oil, grease, sediments, and other harmful materials that cannot be treated from the water running from the restaurant kitchen to the sewage system.

You must have a working and efficient grease trap and interceptor to pass the inspections, comply with regulations, and prevent blockages and unpleasant smells. Therefore, grease trap replacement parts are crucial to ensure the effective working of the grease traps and interceptors. You can also keep some stock at hand beforehand to keep your plumbing system running and business working with quick maintenance and repair, even during unexpected troubles.


Choose from a variety of grease trap and interceptor parts and accessories at affordable prices. Also, make sure to check out other restaurant grease traps and interceptors.