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Commercial Sinks and Faucets

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What’s the most important element in any kitchen? Many people jump to say the oven or the range, but in fact, your cooking appliances would be useless without the right prep gear—and your customer service would be dismal without the right clean up equipment. The fact is, you can’t point out one element that’s really the “most” important—but you sure can point out a few that you can’t do without, like quality commercial sinks and faucets. And we’ve got you covered in that department, and how!

We’re famous for our comprehensive inventory, and our thoroughness shows in this category as well. We have hand, mop, drop in, and compartment sinks for all of your needs. A brilliant selection of faucets. We’ve even got your necessary accessories, like dipper wells and grease interceptors. When we say we have commercial sinks and faucets for every restaurant, we absolutely mean it! Your kitchen can’t run smoothly without running water and the right tools to use it—it’s not an area you can cut corners with!

Of course, carrying excellent products is only one part of what makes the Chef Deal team so special. We’ve been in the industry for many years, and we’ve turned those years into valuable knowledge that we are more than happy to use to help you succeed. Not only that, but we know that how we treat our customers is just as important as what we sell or at what profit margin we sell it.

That’s why we’re able to offer such top notch equipment at such staggeringly low prices. Our customers just can’t get enough of us! Once you’ve experienced our dedication and seen our great reputation in action yourself, you’ll understand why. Call or contact us today, even if you just want to ask a few questions!