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Mixer Stand Tables and Slicer Equipment Stands

Stainless steel mixer stands and slicer tables offer a convenient platform to put your much-needed kitchen equipment. A commercial kitchen must maintain a secure and reliable kitchen layout and workflow. This will increase the efficiency of your kitchen operations and safety for your personnel.

Stainless steel mixer stands are designed to accommodate the commercial mixers, which are the critical elements of food preparation for restaurants, cafes, and other commercial kitchens. They are made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability. Hence, these commercial mixer tables provide a sturdy and robust base for the chef's mixers to mix and prepare the necessary ingredients for your recipes.

Furthermore, industrial mixer stands elevate the kitchen equipment to a comfortable height to enable a more comfortable operation. Your staff will not have to bend down to pour the ingredients or reach the controls. Stainless steel mixer stands will present the suitable height and necessary strong base for an efficient and secure process.

Additionally, stainless steel mixer stands come with mobile and stationary options. Depending on your needs in your kitchen, you can opt to purchase a portable mixer stand with caster wheels to take your stainless steel mixer to anywhere you need in the kitchen. Or, you can prefer a stationary mixer table to keep your frequently-used tool in a place your staff can easily remember.

Stainless steel mixer stands are in various heights and dimensions. You can make a selection among the best selection of machine stands having a depth between 20 and 37 inches in addition to the options offering height from 21 inches to 38 inches. Although large mixer stand tables occupy a large area in your kitchen, they will contribute to your business by holding the large kitchen equipment safe and secure. The smaller industrial mixer stands will help your operations flow smoothly by accommodating often-needed equipment within your reach.

Stainless steel mixer stands also offer additional storage space where you can put necessary ingredients, small cookware, or other relevant tools within your reach. Some models come with tray racks to correctly put the meat slices on a tray for later transport.

Apart from the commercial blender machine stands, we include slicer stands in our inventory as well. The slicer tables will make your meat slicers safe and secure at a comfortable working height with mobile and stationary options.