Enclosed Work Tables

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Enclosed Stainless Steel Work Tables

Enclosed stainless steel work tables offer maximum use of commercial kitchen area in a restaurant, café, hotel, or any other food service establishment. These commercial cabinets with sliding doors and a heavy-duty steel top provide ample storage as well as a working surface to make the most of your available kitchen space.

Stainless steel enclosed base commercial work tables are crafted from stainless steel and features a robust frame. Moreover, industrial kitchen cabinets have stainless steel adjustable bullet feet to present you with a smooth and flat surface, even on bumpy floors. You can also opt for equipping them with caster wheels to move these enclosed storage cabinets to anywhere you need them. In addition, enclosed stainless steel work tables come in various sizes ranging from 36" to 96" to fit your kitchen layout perfectly.

For a commercial kitchen, hygiene and cleanliness are the leading concerns to guarantee healthy food preparation. However, it is pretty hard to keep your walls free from the food ingredient splashes when your food prep stations lean against the wall. Hence, these enclosed stainless steel work tables are furnished with backsplashes to prevent the food prep stuff from falling or splashing on the floor or the walls.

Additionally, these stainless steel restaurant cabinets feature a large storage area where you can store anything you want. These stainless steel enclosed base commercial work tables with stainless steel tops also have sliding doors to preserve the food ingredients and kitchen utensils from the dust, water, and other contaminants to help you maintain clean, safe, and healthy products.

Additionally, enclosed stainless steel work tables boast a 16 gauge/ type 304 stainless steel top to ensure a sturdy, stable, long-lasting, and convenient counter. While these commercial grade metal cabinets can be used as an outdoor stainless steel prep table or a working station for the kitchen staff, they can also accommodate the frequently-needed food prep appliances and cookware.