Proofer Cabinet

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What is a Proofer Cabinet?

A proofer cabinet provides kitchen personnel with a perfect environment by controlling temperature and moisture to make delicious bread, bagels, donuts, etc. Proofing is the last step for the dough before baking. At the right temperature and humidity, the dough rises best with the help of yeast fermentation; at this point, the proofer cabinet is a helper of you. It sets the best temperature and humidity for the dough and also protects the dough from bacteria. A commercial proofer cabinet operates between 70-120 °F to adjust the temperature for the dough.

What Type of Proofing Cabinet?

There are varieties of equipment according to your needs:

  • Insulated or non-insulated (interior&exterior)
  • Stainless or aluminum (interior&exterior)
  • Sections and compartments (due to the business)
  • Size: Full size, three-quarter, and half-size (countertop)
  • Reach-in or pass-through
  • Mobile or stationary
  • With/without glass doors

Heated Holding Cabinet

A heated holding cabinet helps you store the food at one temperature for a long time, providing you with making the food and holding it till you serve. The unit operates from 60°F to 215°F.

A proofer cabinet is an essential part of your kitchen, and it enhances your restaurant’s production consistency and product quality. Chef’s Deal provides a wide selection of proofer cabinets that allow your dough to rise with enough space and in the right conditions. Find other related products such as retarders, holding cabinets, heat lamps and strip warmers, and more at Chef's Deal.