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At Chef’s Deal, you can find every kitchen equipment you need to make fresh pasta. From pasta baskets to pasta extruders, we offer a wide range of pasta preparation equipment. That means if you are looking for a new pasta extruder, you have come to the right place. Pasta extruders are great for easy and fast mixing and shaping the pasta dough. You can make long and short pasta with a pasta extruder.


Find the Best Commercial Pasta Extruder Models at Chef’s Deal


Here on our website, you can find an extruder pasta machine that fits your kitchen. A commercial pasta extruder is an excellent addition to any restaurant that serves pasta. The planetary spiral mixer helps you to create delicious pasta without tiring yourself out while mixing the pasta dough by hand. Pasta die plates enable you to shape your pasta dough into different forms. You can make spaghetti, linguine, penne, fusilli, tagliatelle, and pappardelle for your customers.


One of the best commercial pasta extruder brands is Univex. The Univex extruder pasta machine is preferred by many professional chefs to mix pasta dough. The heavy-duty Univex commercial pasta extruder can produce up to 18 pounds of pasta in an hour. It has a plexiglass lid for viewing the dough mixing process. Fourteen pasta die plates come with the Univex commercial pasta extruder.


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