Food Packaging Machines

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Food Packaging Machines For Better Food Preservation And Presentation

Food packaging machines are food prep equipment that helps extend the shelf life of food items without sacrificing nutritional quality and taste. Other reasons for packaging include protection, food safety, hygiene, portion control, transportation, and presentation to boost impulse sales. Food production and processing plants, restaurants, hotels, and many other food service facilities need packaging machines to do one or several of these tasks. Proper packaging seals in the flavor and ensures that dishes remain fresh longer. Packaged food also contributes to tidier, better-organized storage.

Types Of Food Packaging Machines

Various food packaging machines are available on the market, each catering to different needs. The type you choose will depend on your purpose and the products you package. Sealing liquids will require a machine different from the one you use with fresh produce. If you often do sous vide cooking and marinating, you may prefer one type over others. Some automatic food packaging machines are perfect for preserving pre-cooked dishes, while some excel in keeping perishables safe in your refrigerators and freezers. Here are some of the most popular types in commercial food service establishments.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machines are countertop or floor food packaging machines that draw the air out of the food bag and fuses it using a heated seal bar. Countertop units meet medium to high packaging demands, and floor models can serve more industrial purposes. Vacuum sealers are the most widespread machines due to their versatility. They can be used with almost any food, from meats and vegetables to liquids. They are also the best for sous vide cooking.

Film & Shrink Wrapping Machines are also very common in supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels to wrap dishes for storage or presentation. Film wrap machines minimize the hassle and film roll waste involved in manual wrapping. The non-stick hot plate and temperature-controlled cut-off rods facilitate the process. Foods filmed and sealed this way will stay safer and fresher for longer. Most film wrap machines are countertops, but your options include freestanding models with multiple film rolls. Plus, you can find more specialized models for sandwich or pizza wrapping.

Bag Sealers, also known as heat sealers, are electric food packaging machines for sealing plastic bags. The seal bar and impulse seal design create a fully automatic sealing process in seconds. The metal seal bar is heated to melt one layer of the plastic bag onto the other. They come in several models, from handheld units that look like a staple to countertop models. Freestanding units would be ideal for high volume demands in industrial applications. They can quickly seal plastic bags of various thicknesses and are hands-free with a foot pedal.

Commercial Plastic Wrap Dispensers hold rolls of plastic film, aluminum foil, or wax paper for manually wrapping products. They can be placed on a counter, hung on a wire shelf, or mounted on a wall. You pull the film, wrap your item, and lightly press the dispenser’s top lid to cut the film. You can thus wrap sandwiches, leftover dishes, hamburgers, or more quickly without the film sticking your hands or ripping apart. Some models also dispense dating labels.

Quick Tips For Buying Food Packaging Machines

Food packaging machines are necessary to lock in the freshness and flavor of your food items. When shifting from a manual to an automated solution or purchasing an additional unit, you need to consider a few points based on the type you choose. Your primary purpose should be efficiency and affordability. The cheapest model does not necessarily mean the wisest pick. Consider your purchase as a long-term investment. An expensive automated food packaging machine versatile enough to adapt to changes in size or product type would be a more efficient tool. 

When buying commercial vacuum sealer machines, you can consider your volume demands. These machines have a chamber where the sealing is processed. You can prefer single or double-chambered models. You can also opt for non-chamber units for light-duty packaging applications. You should further attend to the seal bar size, specifying the bag width the machine can accommodate. Seal bar length applies to bag sealers, too. Roll capacity and maximum film size are crucial for film machines and commercial wrap dispensers. Both countertop and freestanding film wrap machines can have up to 3 rolls.

Food packaging machines promise an ideal solution to food preservation, storage organization, and freezer burns. Browse the models at Chef’s Deal from elite brands, Alfa InternationalEurodib USAOmcan USASammic, and more. You may also wish to see food packaging parts and accessories to keep your machines running.