Commercial Vegetable Slicer Cutters

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Commercial Fruit Vegetable Cutter and Slicers

Preparing large amounts of fruit and vegetables by hand can be time-consuming and tiring. On the other hand, in a commercial kitchen, increasing productivity and consistency are the main issues. At this point, a fruit vegetable cutter&slicer is your necessary equipment in the kitchen. These units help you dice, slice, cut, chop, wedge, peel or portion the food with consistent sizes and decrease prep time. They also reduce the amount of waste.

Fruit vegetable cutter &slicersare a must for restaurants. These units enhance your staff's capacity by just pushing a button instead of hard-working by hand. And they're straightforward to operate the equipment safely that any level staff can use them.

Types of Fruit and Vegetable Cutters

  • Tomato Slicers: You can slice the tomatoes delicately without smashing them with their sharp and even sometimes angled blades
  • Onion Cutters: Applying pressure all over the onion during the cutting process, you can cut the onion without severing it.
  • Fry Cutters: These cutters give you comprehensive cutting options such as straight, spiral, wedge, curly, ribbon, garnish, and chip, and more.
  • Lettuce Cutters: Lettuce cutters have a large cutting area since the head of lettuce is larger than other vegetables. You can cut the lettuce accurately and without bruising.
  • Wedgers/Corers: Usually are used to prepare citrus fruits or lime slices in the bars. Some of them can also be used to core or wedge apples and pineapples with special apparatus.
  • All-Purpose: They are not designed for any particular food, but with their interchangeable apparatus such as blade sets, you can create variable cuts and sizes.

Wall Mounted or Countertop Fruit Vegetable Slicers &Cutters

  • Countertop Cutters: They can be stored when they are not in use. These units have parts to prevent the move during use, and some cutters can be mounted onto the counter.
  • Wall Mounted Cutters: They don't move during use and don't hold space on the counter.

Automatic or Manual Fruit Vegetable Slicers &Cutters

  • Manual Cutter&Slicers: You can cut, slice, dice, and prepare many things. Applied force during use should be appropriate with these cutters not to cause harm.
  • Automatic Cutter&Slicers: These cutters enable you to fasten the food prep and increase efficiency. You can prepare much different food in different ways by doing jobs at the same time.

Care&Maintainance of Fruit Vegetable Cutter&Slicers

Proper care&maintainance are essential to keep the fruit vegetable cutter&slicers safe, healthful, and last a long time long-life equipment. These two points you shouldn't pass:

  • Cleaning After Each Use
  • Replacing The Blades When They Get Dull

Parts & Accessories of Fruit Vegetable Cutter&Slicers

  • Blades: All cutters and slicers need blade sets to operate. The size and volume of the product also affect your need to have additional types of blades and replacement blades over time.
  • Push Blocks: Cutter pushers are so crucial for safety. You can push the fruit or vegetable safely through the machines.