Commercial Meat Slicers

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Ease Your Workload With Commercial Meat Slicers

Commercial meat slicers are the most practical way to slice meat and cheese in large volumes to keep your personnel and shelves supplied with enough products. These units are also known as deli cutters or food cutters and are manufactured from high-quality materials to withstand rigorous and frequent use. 

Commercial meat slicers consist of a sharp metal blade that can rapidly cut vegetable, meat, or cheese pieces in the desired thickness. Commercial meat slicers also feature a food carriage on which the meat, cheese, or other products are placed. The only thing you need to do is to push the start button for the electrically controlled models or push the knob back and forth if you have a manual commercial slicer.

Advantages of Commercial Meat Slicers

Commercial meat slicers offer significant advantages for food serving businesses with their practical features, such as:

  • These commercial slicers can provide a large amount of sliced products in shorter durations and lower food prep time.
  • Most models feature built-in sharpeners, and you can regularly maintain the blades for better cuts.
  • You can also use commercial meat slicers to cut vegetables, lettuce, cucumbers, or other food ingredients, including cheese (Check for the model’s spec sheet for cheese suitability).
  • These commercial meat slicers also enable you to enrich your food presentation with thinly sliced vegetables, ham, sausage, or cheese.
  • Your dishes will offer a better taste when they are enriched with freshly-sliced meat that has more flavor and scent.
  • As the FDA states, meat slicers can be a source of bacteria and cross-contamination if not properly cleaned. Thus, You can choose commercial meat slicers that can be disassembled, and the blade can be removed for easier cleaning.

Types of Commercial Meat Slicers

As the needs in a commercial kitchen vary depending on the products and recipes, commercial deli slicers are available with different configurations.

1. According to Capacity

Blades: Blades of industrial meat slicers are critical for slicing performance; therefore, choosing the right size will influence your workflow. They are available in three different size ranges, which can be classified as small, medium, and large-sized models. The small meat slicer models have a 9-inch blade, which is suitable for occasional use and fresh meat cutting jobs.

The mid-sized 10-inch models can continue slicing for up to an hour and can also be used to cut cheese besides meat. However, if you need a professional meat slicer that can handle large quantities and long working periods, models with 12- to 14-inch blades will be best.

Construction: Commercial meat slicers are manufactured either from aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum-made models are lower priced and suitable for low or medium-sized needs, while the stainless-steel deli meat slicers are appropriate for use in high trafficking establishments.

2. Electric and Manual Meat Slicers

Electric meat slicers provide a practical and speedy way of slicing meat and cheese with a motor-driven cutting mechanism. These electric slicers can handle a large volume of meat or cheese and can be used to catch up with bulk orders. Electric meat cutters can also be operated manually when the motor is turned off. Electric food slicers are suitable for high-traffic restaurants, cafes, catering businesses, or grocery stores.

Manual meat slicer models must be run by an operator who needs to push the knob to cut the meat. These commercial slicers are suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, or small-sized food serving businesses.

3. Drive Type

All commercial meat slicers are produced to run smoothly with a well-designed drive mechanism. Belt-driven ham slicers are more popular and cost less. Nevertheless, the belt needs to be changed after a while. The gear-driven models are used in more robust models and offer more durability. However, it should also be considered that they may also need repair in the future.


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