Manual Meat Slicers

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  9. Special Price $6,861.88 $7,246.67

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  12. Special Price $7,785.72

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  13. $7,506.63

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Do you want thin, perfect, and identical slices of cheese, meat, deli, and vegetables and prepare them effortlessly by saving time and labor? If the answer is yes, a manual food slicer is what you are looking for. Here on Chef’s Deal, we offer a rich catalog of commercial manual food slicer models for you to choose the right one.

How to Choose the Best Manual Food Slicer?

Manual food slicers are widely used in commercial kitchens because they enable you to serve identical slices while saving time and labor. What is more, they also save energy and space; since manual food slicers do not require an electrical connection, you can place them anywhere you want. For example, you can buy a countertop manual food slicer and move it around without a fuss.

While deciding on a new manual food slicer, the first thing you should consider is the knife diameter; some models have a 12” knife diameter while others have 14”. Another thing you may check is if the model has built-in knife sharpeners or not. On our website, you can find several stainless steel manual food slicer models that have built-in knife sharpeners with blade covers for safety. Check out the top-quality manual food slicers we have in our catalogs, such as Bizerba manual food slicer and Eurodib manual food slicer.

If you want to learn more about manual food slicers or have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us or use ChefsBot on our website to reach us. We are happy to help!