Commercial Sausage Stuffers

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Commercial Sausage Stuffers: An Easy Way to Create Famous Sausages

Commercial sausage stuffers are the very right equipment that will contribute to your sales by enabling you to serve delicious house-made sausages in large volumes and at a lower cost. Thus, these commercial sausage-making machines are ideal for restaurants, delis, meat and butcher shops, and other food serving establishments.

Commercial sausage stuffers make sausage links using ground meat, which can be prepared with a commercial meat grinder. Therefore, they are designed to suit versatile needs and capacities in a commercial kitchen.

Features of Commercial Sausage Stuffers

Commercial meat stuffers are configured to address the varying production capacities in commercial kitchens and are built to last longer times under heavy conditions; their features are as follows:

  • Commercial grade sausage stuffers are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel to ensure sturdiness and resistance to cope with commercial kitchens' rigorous conditions and corrosive effects.
  • These units are designed to provide ergonomic and easy use.
  • Automatic sausage stuffers are equipped with anti-vibration feet to present a secure and smooth working.
  • Industrial sausage stuffers arrive with interchangeable stuffing funnels of different sizes to allow you to make various types of sausages.

Advantages of Commercial Sausage Stuffers

Commercial sausage stuffers will bring in significant benefits for your business with the features mentioned above:

  • A commercial sausage maker will enable you to vary your menu with fresh-made sausages.
  • Making your sausages in-house will cost less when compared to purchasing them from other suppliers.
  • You can control what's inside the sausages and can create different recipes and flavors.
  • These industrial sausage stuffer machines will remarkably decrease the time, energy, and labor that are spent making sausages. So, you can lower your energy bills, accelerate food prep, and spare personnel for other duties.
  • Fresh sausage links which are made in-house will be more appealing to the customers, and this will help your sales and business growth.

Types of Commercial Sausage Stuffers

Commercial sausage makers are available with different capacities, running directions, and mechanisms.

1. Power Type

Commercial sausage stuffers can be found as electric or hand-powered, and depending on your needs and conditions, you can make a selection between them. Electric units feature hydraulic pressing systems to carry out high-capacity duties, and therefore they are also called hydraulic sausage stuffers. Manual sausage stuffers need an operator to rotate the lever for pressure, and they are cheaper and suitable for low-volume needs.

2. Capacity

The sausage and ground meat volume processed in commercial kitchens vary, and so do the sizes of commercial sausage makers. If you run a small business serving a limited number of customers daily, you may purchase a manual sausage stuffer that can handle up to 10 Ib. If you process large batches for high-volume productions, you can make a selection among the electric sausage stuffers, which can process up to 95 Ib. ground meat.

3. Direction

Commercial sausage stuffers are designed to run vertically or horizontally. While the horizontal sausage stuffers are mainly suitable for residential use, vertical units are perfect for commercial purposes.


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