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A restaurant is not called a professional one without a commercial blender. From delicious sauces to soaps, all the food you serve for your customers needs a good restaurant blender to be delicious. Here at Chef’s Deal, you can find different types of blenders and mixers to upgrade your restaurant kitchen.


Find A Professional Blender For Your Business


If you consider getting a brand new commercial blender for restaurant, then you might be feeling a little lost seeing all these different blenders and mixers. Here are some commercial blender and mixer types to help you out:


Hand Mixers


A commercial hand blender, aka a hand mixer, can be considered as an electric version of the old-fashioned egg beaters. Most of the hand mixers have different attachments to make them even more productive. However, they are designed to beat ingredients together in principle. Besides multiple attachments, hand mixers have different levels of speed. Using the right attachment and the right speed is sure to help you out with making the most delicious bakery product.


What’s more is that they are lightweight. Meaning that you can carry them around the kitchen easily and work with them without getting exhausted real quick. And when it comes to cleaning, it is very easy to clean a commercial hand mixer. Just remove the attachment and put them in the dishwasher. Cleaning and even disinfecting them is that easy!


Immersion Blenders


A commercial immersion blender is the most commonly used personal blender. It is also called a commercial stick blender. These blenders are designed as handheld sticks with a comfort handle and a chopping blade. The chopping blade, however, is surrounded by a safety guard so as to prevent a possible kitchen accident. What an immersion blender does best is to blend hot liquids. Besides, it is ideal if you want to blend powder and liquid. Soups, protein shakes and instant puddings taste better when made with an immersion blender.


Countertop Blenders


Most of the time, countertop blenders are confused with food processors. However, countertop blenders are generally designed to make great drinks. If you are looking for a commercial smoothie blender, you can get a countertop blender and enjoy the best of both worlds. Especially, during the hot days of summer, countertop blenders are life-savers for your restaurant.


Whatever type of blender and mixer you are looking for, Chef’s Deal offers it for you. Have a look at all the best commercial blender types here and make your choice. There is also a commercial blender for sale option to fit every budget. Once you have made your decision, give us a call to get your special payment plan.