Commercial Food Processors

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Food Processors

Food processors are essential kitchen tools used to chop, dice, and slice ingredients to make soup, sauces, and pastes. Also, they have many parts to make other things like shred onions, grinding spices and meats, pureeing squash.

Food processors will make food preparation more efficient and faster. Having one of them in your restaurant kitchen will save you time and energy. They are easy to use, so anyone in the restaurant kitchen can operate them safely. Some heavy-duty food processors can produce up to 4000 lbs./hr; on the other hand, there are models with smaller capacities and high-quality material called commercial food processors.

You can make things with food processors more than just chopping, dicing, or slicing. You can prepare perfect, delicious food processor recipes which are magical and healthy.

Types of Food Processors

  • Batch, Bowls Processors: These units have a bowl and chop or grind small amounts of ingredients. They discharge the food into a pan or bowl instead of continuing to pulverize.
  • Continues Processors: They are more appropriate for big restaurants since they have a chute that provides continuous feeding.
  • Combination Processors: This equipment has different cutting blades and helps you slicing, kneading, chopping, grinding, and shredding. Some models also can do dicing. Combination processors combine the advantages of batch bowl processors and continuous processors.
  • Blixers: As a combination of a mixer and blender, a blixer is designed to prepare texture–modified meals; liquefies grinds, chops, purees, and emulsifies.

Food Processor Equipment Parts

  • Blades: Slicing, grating, dicing, julien, S blades, S cutting&mixing blades are some of the blades that chop, slice, and cut the ingredients.
  • Discs: These discs allow you to process the food in different ways. Some popular discs are slicing, shredding, julien, grating, brunoise, whipping, waffle, and crimping discs.
  • Bowls: Generally, bowls are made of plastic, but there are stainless steel bowls as well.


Commercial food processors are stainless steel and made of durable materials, so they last up to ten years. Food processors don’t require so much maintenance since the motor of the unit is sealed, But you can do some primary care to boost the performance and lengthen your equipment’s life by

  • Washing the bowls
  • Using the appropriate food pusher
  • Replacing the blades and discs when they become dull
  • Avoiding overloading the machine.

Buying A Food Processor

When it comes to buying a food processor, capacity, speed (horsepower), and what kind of food you will process are the main concerns for choosing the right equipment. These features will affect if you will buy a light, medium, or heavy-duty food processor. There are also other couple things that you should pay attention to, such as high durability, stainless blades, and practical pieces.

As a restaurant supply store, we offer a wide range of best quality food processors with the best price and the advantage of restaurant equipment financing. To enhance your restaurant's kitchen efficiency, you can also check out our related food proccessor products like blenders&mixers, vertical cutter mixers, and more.