Food Processor

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A commercial food processor is a versatile machine to easily chop, slice, shred, grind, and even puree almost any food you can think of. Thus, if you are running a commercial kitchen, a restaurant food processor is a must to have. At Chef’s Deal, it is possible to find various types of commercial grade food processors. Let us help you out with your choice before you make your purchase!

Get to Know A Professional Food Processor

Carl Sontheimer introduced the food processor to the American market in 1973 while trying to adapt a French industrial blender to home cook. Consumers didn’t take too much to realize that this new machine was very practical. In just a few years, the food processor was one of the bestseller kitchen appliances in America. Throughout the years, commercial food processors were invented and became an inevitable part of commercial kitchens.

A restaurant grade food processor is made out of basic components such as a motor, a bowl with a lid and feed tube, and a set of different attachments. You can get a full, compact or a mini one for your restaurant. Whatever the size is, they all make more or less the same thing. They slice and dice food to make your daily kitchen operations even faster and smoother. From a dough blade to an egg whip, a french fry disc to a citrus juicer, commercial food processors help you out with lots of things in the kitchen.

With decades of experience in the industry, Chef’s Deal knows what to offer for your food serving business. Whether you run a café or a restaurant, you can find the best commercial food processor to match your needs here. Moreover, there is a commercial food processor for sale option to help you not get over your budget. Thus, you don’t have to worry about where to find the best food processor for restaurant because the answer is here!