Pizza Dough Press & Spinner

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Preparing Pizza Dough

When one thinks about the quality of any pizza, one of the first things that come to mind is the pizza dough. The thickness and equal diameter of a pizza are significant, so pizza dough press & spinner machines are necessary for the restaurants and pizzerias.

Preparing the same perfect pizza dough by hand would be challenging and needs a master-level skill. But these machines are easy to operate, and you can create the perfect pizza dough easily. Automating the process of laying out pizza dough will save your time and improve your kitchen’s efficiency.

Pizza Dough Press

The Pizza dough press has two flat, round, or square platens, made of stainless steel or aluminum, which compress and flattens into the size you wanted. The unit can be operated manually or automatically. You can also press tortilla dough in this unit.

The amount of pressed dough depends on the size of the machine, the amount of flattened dough, and if the unit is automated.

Some of the presses have heated plattens. These plattens help flatten the dough even if the dough has been taken out cold from the storage.

Consistency is the Key to Success

Serving the same size and same delicious food is a serious task. Your pizzas will be consistent in thickness and diameter with the pizza dough press. You can also customize the pizza whenever you want, changing thickness.

Different Power Supplies

You can choose manual pizza dough press or automatic pizza dough press - both of them show almost identical performance.

Pizza Dough Spinner

Pizza Dough Spinner is also called a pizza opener, helps you spin the pizza dough easily. With automatic start/stop and adjustable pizza crust, these machines provide a consistent product.

Parts & Accessorize

With pizza dough press parts&accessorize, you can create a defined edge around the pizza or cut equal pizza slices.

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