Meat Curing Cabinet

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A meat curing cabinet, also known as meat curing chambers, helps dry your meats and keeps bad molds from growing on the surface due to the disruption of stagnant, moisture-rich air around the meat. The meat curing cabinet also allows you to represent your dry meat to your customers.

What Does a Meat Curing Equipment Do?

The beef should be aged to make it more tender. In addition, during the aging process, the connective tissue in the beef muscles will begin to break down, leaving you with a much more desirable texture and enhanced beef flavor. The most important thing about meat maturing is the temperature. The dry-aging cabinet provides the right temperature for the meat so it will dry in the right conditions.

Meat is not only sensitive to temperature but also sensitive to humidity and air speed. Therefore, to dry meat efficiently, humidity in the air should also be precise. A dry-curing cabinet with a humid control system can set everything conveniently, as well.

Chef’s Deal offers meat curing cabinets in different depths and sizes (like Charcuterie Cabinets), weight capacity, and with or without insulated glass doors. You can choose one of these meat curing chambers for sale selections due to your kitchen’s needs and shorten the curing process. You can also check out out other meat preparation equipment.