Electric Food Slicer

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  1. $4,340.05

    FINANCE FOR: $105.95/mo.

  2. $7,849.00

    FINANCE FOR: $191.62/mo.

  3. $2,710.00

    FINANCE FOR: $66.16/mo.

  4. $4,192.50

    FINANCE FOR: $102.35/mo.

  5. $4,499.95

    FINANCE FOR: $109.86/mo.

  6. $6,854.25

    FINANCE FOR: $167.33/mo.

  7. $5,050.50

    FINANCE FOR: $123.30/mo.

  8. $16,246.75

    FINANCE FOR: $396.63/mo.

  9. $6,259.50

    FINANCE FOR: $152.81/mo.

  10. $4,550.00

    FINANCE FOR: $111.08/mo.

  11. $4,131.40

    FINANCE FOR: $100.86/mo.

  12. $1,200.00

    FINANCE FOR: $29.30/mo.

  13. $5,050.50

    FINANCE FOR: $123.30/mo.

  14. $4,340.05

    FINANCE FOR: $105.95/mo.

  15. $6,516.25

    FINANCE FOR: $159.08/mo.

  16. $4,350.45

    FINANCE FOR: $106.21/mo.

  17. $1,396.53

    FINANCE FOR: $34.09/mo.

  18. $3,978.00

    FINANCE FOR: $97.11/mo.

  19. $6,384.30

    FINANCE FOR: $155.86/mo.

  20. $1,084.10

    FINANCE FOR: $26.47/mo.

  21. $4,350.45

    FINANCE FOR: $106.21/mo.

  22. $7,017.00

    FINANCE FOR: $171.31/mo.

  23. $6,498.70

    FINANCE FOR: $158.65/mo.

  24. $4,131.40

    FINANCE FOR: $100.86/mo.

  25. $6,145.75

    FINANCE FOR: $150.04/mo.

  26. $6,259.50

    FINANCE FOR: $152.81/mo.

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Preparing the meal is the most critical step for cooking whatever you serve. You and your ingredients have to be ready to deliver the most delicious food to your customers. Here is your new companion in the kitchen: an electric food slicer! You will find various electric slider models at Chef’s Deal of the most popular kitchen supplies manufacturers.

Best Electric Food Slicer for Your Business

Big or little, new or old, every commercial kitchen needs a commercial electric food slicer. There are different choices for you to decide on the right one. Some of the options are stainless steel electric food slicer, anodized aluminum, and so on. The electric food slicers come in different sizes; 14, 12, 10 inch electric food slicer models are available on our website.

An automatic or manual electric food slicer will make your job easier in the kitchen. Your staff will thank you for having the brand new electric food slicer since it saves both their labor and time.

We Sliced The Prices!

At Chef's Deal, you don’t need to worry about the electric food slicer price. We bring you the best deals in the market. Renowned products like Globe electric food slicer will be yours with reasonable prices, high-quality customer care service, and free shipment options. Let’s search and meet your new countertop electric food slicer!

If you cannot decide which model suits your kitchen, let’s get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you. You can call us from our free customer care service. Or you can write to us by using Chef’s Bot whenever you want!