Vertical Mixer & Cutter

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Vertical Cutter Mixer

Vertical cutter mixers are the first products that come to mind about simplifying the work in the kitchens. These units are ideal for the busy restaurants with their large bowls and high power motors, which enable them to work with a large amount of food.

Vertical cutter mixers increase your restaurant’s productivity with their speed and quality. They help you processing food such as meat, vegetables in a short time.

Capacity, speed, and horsepower are the most critical features of these units. Operating is so easy that any skill level personnel in a restaurant kitchen can use the vertical cutter mixers. According to the parts being used, the vertical cutter mixer can be used for different tasks, including pureeing, chopping, kneading, mixing, and cutting.

Vertical Cutting and Mixing Tasks

  1. Cutter:The stainless steel blade of the unit guarantees a perfect cutting and chopping quality and homogeneity of products and provides a hygienic and long-lasting use.
  2. Mixer:The unit blends the dough and foodstuff with perfect consistency.

Chef’s Deal offers you a wide range of vertical cutter and mixers as your restaurant supply store. Please see also our other food preparation equipment and find the one you need!