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It takes more than an inspired chef to make a restaurant wildly successful. Identifying the secret to a restaurant’s success is impossible—because each and every success is different. There are so many moving pieces to consider. But one thing is for certain: you need to start with the fundamentals, and that means having a restaurant kitchen that’s ready for anything and optimized for work flow. That begins with having the right equipment for the job.

You need equipment that is safe, effective, and efficient, and that’s exactly what we’ve chosen to provide here at Chef’s Deal. Good ventilation is critical to your kitchen’s success. It’s an important safety concern, of course, but it’s also important for your kitchen to have a generally healthy atmosphere for employee morale. We carry all of the hoods & accessories you need—and our one-stop-shop mentality should be a breath of fresh air! Commercial and condensate hoods & accessories and filters can pass that fresh air on to your kitchen team.

With trusted brands like CaptiveAire and Serv-Ware, you’ll know you’re receiving quality products. And with our prices, you’ll also know that you’re getting a great deal. But just because we have discounted prices doesn’t mean we have any less courtesy or care for our customers. If you’ve shopped at large warehouse stores in the past you may have experienced that phenomenon—the “get what you pay for” variety of customer service.

We’re not like that. We’ve spent years in this industry building up a reputation that no one can touch, because of our attentiveness and dedication to our customers’ needs. Of course we want to sell you great hoods & accessories! But we also want you to come back again and again, and to make sure of that we need more than low prices. Give a call or contact us online today.