Medical Freezer

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If you want safe storage for vaccines, medications, and other biological materials used in hospitals and research laboratories, you need to invest in a medical freezer. Medical freezers are designed to meet the CDC requirements to store vaccines and medications and prevent any harm from fluctuating temperatures. The temperature of a commercial medical freezer can reach between -45º and -85ºC if needed, meaning a regular freezer won’t do the job. Here at Chef’s Deal, we offer a wide range of medical freezer models. You can shop for a space-saving medical undercounter freezer or larger two solid door medical freezer depending on your hospital’s or laboratory’s needs.


Unique Medical Freezers for Unique Needs


Each biological sample, vaccine, or other sensitive materials are temperature sensitive. In other words, they have to be kept at a specific temperature, or they cannot be used. That is why you’ll need to carefully examine the qualifications of the medical freezer before choosing one. You should buy a medical freezer that can hold the materials at the temperature you want. The microprocessor controls ensure temperatures to stay at the desired level.


Medical all-freezers come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate unique needs. As the size of medical freezers gets bigger, the capacity increases as well. So, it would be best if you decided on the capacity you need beforehand. Undercounter medical freezer models are convenient for tight spaces. Medical compact freezer models may have a different number of doors. For example, you can buy one solid door medical freezer or two solid door medical freezer. The stainless-steel Summit medical freezer models can come with one or two doors. Summit medical freezers have self-closing doors to prevent temperature changes and save energy.


Besides Summit, Accucold is a well-known medical freezer manufacturer. On our website, you can buy an Accucold medical freezer with the best deals on the market. Accucold offers space-saving under counter and countertop compact freezer models.


If you need assistance choosing a new medical freezer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer service agents are here to answer your questions from shipping and financing options to detailed product information.