Medical Refrigerator

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  1. $4,859.89

    FINANCE FOR: $118.64/mo.

  2. Special Price $2,295.47 $2,379.92

    FINANCE FOR: $56.04/mo.

  3. Special Price $2,156.26 $2,232.12

    FINANCE FOR: $52.64/mo.

  4. Special Price $3,615.52 $3,787.67

    FINANCE FOR: $88.27/mo.

  5. Special Price $1,130.04 $1,148.88

    FINANCE FOR: $27.59/mo.

  6. Special Price $3,573.05 $3,742.23

    FINANCE FOR: $87.23/mo.

  7. Special Price $2,168.38 $2,244.97

    FINANCE FOR: $52.94/mo.

  8. Special Price $2,434.53 $2,527.71

    FINANCE FOR: $59.43/mo.

  9. Special Price $1,142.73 $1,162.19

    FINANCE FOR: $27.90/mo.

  10. Special Price $1,888.22 $1,948.00

    FINANCE FOR: $46.10/mo.

  11. Special Price $4,087.91 $4,515.18

    FINANCE FOR: $99.80/mo.

  12. Special Price $2,584.64 $2,693.87

    FINANCE FOR: $63.10/mo.

  13. Special Price $1,435.35 $1,469.72

    FINANCE FOR: $35.04/mo.

  14. Special Price $2,251.81 $2,333.56

    FINANCE FOR: $54.97/mo.

  15. Special Price $2,904.71 $3,009.20

    FINANCE FOR: $70.91/mo.

  16. Special Price $1,259.51 $1,284.74

    FINANCE FOR: $30.75/mo.

  17. Special Price $1,017.35 $1,030.91

    FINANCE FOR: $24.84/mo.

  18. Special Price $1,029.65 $1,043.77

    FINANCE FOR: $25.14/mo.

  19. Special Price $1,424.02 $1,457.78

    FINANCE FOR: $34.76/mo.

  20. Special Price $2,295.47 $2,379.92

    FINANCE FOR: $56.04/mo.

  21. Special Price $2,434.53 $2,527.71

    FINANCE FOR: $59.43/mo.

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At Chef’s Deal, we sell commercial kitchen supplies to healthcare facilities along with restaurants, café, and catering businesses. However, we have a special collection of medical supplies dedicated to healthcare and research facilities. Our medical supplies selection includes various types of medical refrigerators and medical freezers. So, if you are looking for the best medical refrigerator, you can end your search! We have the right medical refrigerator models for you.


Why Do You Need A Commercial Medical Refrigerator?


You should not use regular refrigerators in hospitals, pharmacies, or research laboratories. Standard refrigerators cannot safely store medicines, vaccines, and other biological materials you use in research labs. A medical fridge performs better when keeping the interior temperature stable. What is more, medical refrigerators have sturdier doors than regular ones. Most of the medical refrigerator models have self-closing doors to save energy.


Another reason to buy a commercial medical refrigerator is that it can come with glass doors. Glass doors increase efficiency because you can locate what you need with a quick glance. You should check out the glass door Accucold medical refrigerator models.


Healthcare facilities and research laboratories tend to have more than one medical refrigerator in one room. That means the energy consumption caused by medical fridges will be high. Nevertheless, a medical refrigerator consumes less energy than a regular refrigerator thanks to its innovative and technological engineering.


Medical Refrigerators vs. Vaccine Refrigerators


Vaccine refrigerators are specially designed for storing vaccines. They work the same with the medical refrigerators in principle. The most significant difference between them is that the vaccine refrigerator, also called the pharmacy refrigerator, has to meet the criteria set by VFC and CDC. We have the best vaccine refrigerator models if you need to buy a vaccine refrigerator for your healthcare facility.


Best Medical Refrigerators with Best Deals


We have the best deals on medical refrigerators in the market. Our budget-friendly medical refrigerator price list shows how much we care about you and your business. If you want to buy a vaccine refrigerator, our vaccine refrigerator price list is guaranteed to make you happy. Buy a Summit medical refrigerator without worrying about the price.


You can learn more about our financing options from our customer service agents. To reach us, call our toll-free call centerline every day between 7 AM-11 PM CST or write to our online support agent ChefsBot. Our customer service agents are waiting to answer all of your questions about the products and our services.