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  1. $1,871.00

    FINANCE FOR: $45.68/mo.

  2. $3,512.60

    FINANCE FOR: $85.75/mo.

  3. $4,092.40

    FINANCE FOR: $99.91/mo.

  4. $4,092.40

    FINANCE FOR: $99.91/mo.

  5. $2,810.60

    FINANCE FOR: $68.62/mo.

  6. $5,271.50

    FINANCE FOR: $128.69/mo.

  7. $3,808.00

    FINANCE FOR: $92.96/mo.

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  8. $3,567.00

    FINANCE FOR: $87.08/mo.

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  9. $3,249.00

    FINANCE FOR: $79.32/mo.

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  10. $4,073.00

    FINANCE FOR: $99.43/mo.

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  11. $3,814.00

    FINANCE FOR: $93.11/mo.

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  12. $3,580.00

    FINANCE FOR: $87.40/mo.

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  13. Special Price $186.98 $197.16

  14. $1,366.50

    FINANCE FOR: $33.36/mo.

  15. $2,126.00

    FINANCE FOR: $51.90/mo.

  16. $2,975.50

    FINANCE FOR: $72.64/mo.

  17. $3,400.50

    FINANCE FOR: $83.02/mo.

  18. $5,607.00

    FINANCE FOR: $136.88/mo.

  19. $4,178.50

    FINANCE FOR: $102.01/mo.

  20. Special Price $4,570.34 $4,616.50

    FINANCE FOR: $111.58/mo.

  21. Special Price $5,302.94 $5,356.50

    FINANCE FOR: $129.46/mo.

  22. $4,258.00

    FINANCE FOR: $103.95/mo.

  23. $4,982.50

    FINANCE FOR: $121.64/mo.

  24. Special Price $4,704.98 $4,752.50

    FINANCE FOR: $114.86/mo.

  25. Special Price $4,533.21 $4,873.00

    FINANCE FOR: $110.67/mo.

  26. Special Price $1,067.34 $1,169.40

    FINANCE FOR: $26.06/mo.

  27. $1,296.60

    FINANCE FOR: $31.65/mo.

  28. $1,596.00

    FINANCE FOR: $38.96/mo.

  29. $4,083.30

    FINANCE FOR: $99.69/mo.

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Decorating your restaurant is as same as decorating your home. It will bring out your passion and make it comfortable for your customers. While going through restaurant furniture for sale the first thing you should clarify about your restaurant furniture shopping is the feeling you want to give your customers. What kind of restaurant are you? Are you one of those traditional restaurants that give the feeling of a hometown, or are you a modern business that aims at the young generation with fast pace lifestyle. Well, whatever your answer may be, as Chef’s Deal we got you covered. With over 100 commercial restaurant furniture models like tables & chairs for restaurants, you will find the perfect set of furniture with our years of experience as a guarantee.


Reflect your Vision


The interior design of your restaurant says so much about you. When a customer enters your restaurant for the first time, the feeling they get is the feeling that will keep them coming. Your restaurant furniture will speak out for you in so many ways. What is your vision? Are you an old fashioned restaurant that makes the customers feel at home, or are you a dynamic restaurant at the heart of the city with many walk-ins? Your answer will determine the restaurant furniture shopping you should be doing while decorating your business. While going through commercial restaurant furniture models we supply for you, your first step should be to decide on the voice of your restaurant. Maybe modern restaurant furniture reflects your vision, this means that you should look for commercial restaurant seating with modern shape and design. Another thing you should consider before purchasing is your space. Would booths be more useful for you or should you be looking for chairs? Maybe you have a nice patio or a nice garden that would make the demand for sitting outside higher. Meaning chairs would be a better option for you. On the other hand, you might be a casual diner, right next to a busy street where outdoors is no option for your customers. In this case, you might want to consider the booth type of furniture that will make your customers more comfortable and come in together with their friends as a crowded group. While considering adults, don’t forget your little customers! Having toddlers or babies as guests are adorable. But as a business owner, you should be prepared to ease the parents’ burden. With our high chair models made out of wood, you are sure to win a family’s heart at your restaurant. Remember, a happy customer always comes back!


As you roam through our furniture category you will come across many more furniture like safety shields, hostess maître d stands, and station cabinets. If you are a crowded restaurant with not so much space between tables, you might want to add safety shields between them to keep your customers’ personal space. Or maybe you are a high-end restaurant with full-on reservations and you need personnel to stand at the door. Greet your customers with a happy smile in a professional way. Well, a hostess maître d stand is what you need. Maybe you haven’t noticed but you also might need a station cabinet! This will be very useful for your waitstaff to leave dishes or menus when they have to act quickly. Whatever it is that you need for your business, we are determined to meet your restaurant furniture supply demand. All you have to do is visit our website.


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As Chef’s Deal, or as in this case, your restaurant furniture supplier we have gathered many options to choose from that appeal to any sense of style and need together with cost friendliness. From commercial restaurant chairs to commercial restaurant tables, the things you need to furnish your restaurant are all gathered on our site. We work with a couple of best brands there are, meaning you are not only purchasing an item but also their years of experience and quality with our insurance. If you have determined the style of the furniture for your restaurant then go on and dive into our furniture category.


We know how confusing it can become while looking for cheap restaurant furniture. But as Chef’s Deal, we have made it simpler for you to roam around items for your restaurant furniture supply. At Chef’s Deal, we are always here to help. Whether you want guidance about which type of furniture would come in handy for your restaurant or cannot decide if you need more chairs or booths, we will give you the support you need.  From our wide range of models, we have gathered for you, we guarantee you the quality and give the insurance of the best brands we work with.