Commercial Carts


If you think that it’s time to make everyday tasks more efficient, then you need commercial carts to do that in your kitchen! No matter what type of your food serving business is, there is a restaurant utility cart to fit your business’ needs at Chef’s Deal. From Queen Mary carts to metal bussing utility transport carts, there are many options that you can choose from. Let us help you discover them all to make a final decision.


Choosing The Best Restaurant Carts For Your Business


If you are running a restaurant, hotel or a bar, you already know the importance of food service carts. They help you with many things throughout the day. Whether you transport the empty dishes to the dishwashing room or serving cold drinks for your customers, your restaurant kitchen cart is always there to help you. If you are new in the business, on the other hand, it is natural not to know which one to get while equipping your kitchen with new appliances. Here are some advices for you:


  • There are many types of professional kitchen carts. Whether you need a metal or a plastic one depends on your daily workload and budget. However, metal carts are always more durable.
  • Regular and bussing carts mostly take up a valuable space in your kitchen. Whatever you are going to use them for, you should consider getting a folding cart so that you can place it with another appliance when needed.
  • There are different handle types to consider before getting a restaurant transport cart. Molded-in handles are the best when it comes to durability and continuity. Vertical handles, on the other hand, have better weight capacities.
  • Besides all of them, you might have to choose among different styles of commercial kitchen carts. While enclosed carts have shelves inside, open carts are easier to load. Shelf lip carts, though, prevents items from sliding up as they have a lip on all four sides.


Finding the best commercial kitchen rolling cart might be challenging. However, Chef’s Deal is there to help you. Have a look at all the commercial kitchen cart types here and make your choice accordingly.