Commercial Carts

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Commercial Carts: Transport Everything Easily on Wheels

Commercial carts are used for commercial establishments to move and transport items around the establishment or load and unload the deliveries. In a routine day of foodservice business, you need café and restaurant carts to streamline service or facilitate the daily tasks for your personnel in a restaurant, café, bar, supermarket, or grocery and bakery.

What are The Commercial Cart Types?

Commercial carts are available in 3 main types to enable you to complete all daily tasks easily and safely: Foodservice carts, general use carts, and hospitality carts.

1. Foodservice Carts

Foodservice carts are designed to facilitate and speed up the food service by providing a safe and stable carrying tool. Commercial food carts can be used to carry the plated meals to the front of the house, or you can use them to merchandise, sell, or serve the foods, salads, beverages, or condiments for higher service efficiency. There are 9 available food service carts:

  • Commercial serving carts
  • Commercial coffee carts and beverage carts
  • Produce carts
  • Cooking carts
  • Food prep carts
  • Merchandising carts
  • Meal delivery carts
  • Mobile condiment carts
  • Vending carts & vending kiosks

2. General Use Carts

General-use carts are primarily designed for moving and transporting dishes, plates, heavy equipment, packages, boxes, or bags around your facility. You can place the beverage packs and bulk ingredients to move them to the service area with convenience. There are 7  types of general-use carts:

  • Heated dish storage carts
  • Silverware carts
  • Restocking carts
  • Cup, glass & saucer dispensers
  • Miscellaneous carts
  • Tray carts & dispensers
  • Queen Mary & banquet carts

3. Hospitality Carts

Hospitality carts help maintain a hygienic and clean environment and facility. Designed to carry the necessary cleaning tools and collect dirty table clothes or mats, enabling especially easier transportation of housekeeping and cleaning items. These commercial carts have 7 types:

  • Metal utility carts and bus carts
  • Plastic utility carts and bus carts
  • Linen carts
  • Floor mat carts
  • Restaurant bus carts
  • Cleaning & janitor carts
  • Cart accessories

What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Cart?

Buying a commercial cart requires you to browse many available commercial rolling carts with different designs and features. Hence, you should consider the following 3 basic points to find and purchase the most suitable model.

  • First, determine what you will carry with your restaurant rolling cart. Will you use it to bring food to the service area or do you need a commercial kitchen cart on wheels to move heavy ingredients? Depending on your answer, you can narrow down the available units into categories like foodservice carts, general use carts, and hospitality carts.
  • Second, you should decide what purpose you use the commercial cart. Are you planning to use the commercial kitchen cart to carry equipment, packages, and bags, or do you want to carry ready-made meals or display food in the front of the house?
  • Finally, you must ensure that your doors are wide enough to let the commercial carts with wheels pass without difficulty for flawless operation.

What are The Benefits of Commercial Carts?

Commercial carts have 3 main benefits for food service establishments:

  • All general use, hospitality, and foodservice carts are engineered to provide higher mobility and ease of service for food and catering businesses with specially designed holding sections installed on sturdy wheels.
  • Making transport easier, these restaurant carts will reduce your staff's workload and accelerate the service speed and transfer of products, equipment, and meals in and outside the establishment.
  • This commercial kitchen equipment is designed to handle heavy and sensitive stuff and meals to avoid injuries or accidents that will cause harm to the customers or personnel.


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