SaniServ WB7110 Cylinder Type Non-Carbonated Frozen Drink Machine

SaniServ WB7110 Cylinder Type Non-Carbonated Frozen Drink Machine

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SaniServ WB7110 Cylinder Type Non-Carbonated Frozen Drink Machine

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Frozen Cocktail/Beverage Freezer, counter model, remote filling & condensing systems required, 1 head, 7 qt. evaporator, stainless steel exterior, electronic consistency control, mix out light, 1/4 HP dasher, UL & cUL

SaniServ WB7110 Specs

Brand SaniServ
Model Number WB7110
Weight 175 lbs
Width 11"
Depth 31.5"
Height 25"
Cooling remote refrigeration
Style counter model
Valves 1 valve

The SaniServ WB7110 Countertop Frozen Beverage Machine For Use With Remote Condenser

Why Use SaniServ Beverage Freezer?

The SaniServ model WB7110 Remote Refrigeration Auto-fill Frozen Beverage Freezer is designed to provide a high volume of frozen beverages through a continuous product source such as; “bag in the box” or pre-mixed product supply systems! The WB7110 remote refrigeration system is ideal for lowering costly indoor air conditioning operating costs by providing less heat build up while providing quieter operation! The space saving design of the WB7110 is a perfect solution to provide counter tops with frozen beverages!

Super Space Saving

Small Footprint Design - SaniServ offers frozen beverages in the smallest space saving equipment and design available! Owners and Operators can turn even the smallest of countertop space into a high profit center while enjoying lower indoor operating costs and providing the frozen beverages customers want!

Easy Cleaning and Operation

Fewer Parts = Simplified Cleaning – SaniServ equipment is designed and built with the fewer parts to be disassembled, cleaned and sanitized than any other machine in the industry.

High Return On Investment

Increased Profits – SaniServ machines combine affordable efficiency with consistent product quality and fast quiet operation to insure customer satisfaction with high profit frozen beverages.

Quality Design

Durability – SaniServ machines are built to achieve long and dependable life through simplicity of design. Every machine is shipped standard with a stainless steel exterior, durable steel interior frame construction, heavy-duty components and consistency systems.

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