Scotsman C0530MA-1/B530S 525 lbs Air Cooled Full Cube Ice Maker with 536 lbs Storage Bin

Scotsman C0530MA-1/B530S 525 lbs Air Cooled Full Cube Ice Maker with 536 lbs Storage Bin

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Scotsman C0530MA-1/B530S 525 lbs Air Cooled Full Cube Ice Maker with 536 lbs Storage Bin

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Scotsman C0530MA-1 30 Scotsman C0530MA-1 30" Air-Cooled Cube-Style Ice Maker, 525 lbs/Day
Scotsman B530S 30 Scotsman B530S 30" Ice Storage Bin for Ice Machines, Top Hinged Front Door

Scotsman C0530MA-1/B530S Specs

Brand Scotsman
Model Number C0530MA-1/B530S
Cooling air-cooled
Ice Type full cube
Refrigeration self-contained refrigeration
Finish stainless steel
Production per 24 hr (Lbs) 525
Bin storage capacity (Lbs) 536
Voltage 115
Phase 1

The Prodigy Plus difference

+ One-touch cleaning reduces labor costs and saves time
+ Front-located air filter for more efficient operation
+ AutoAlert™ indicator lights for better visibility
Optional Vari-Smart™ ice level control allows operators to customize ice levels
Patented WaterSense purge control automatically reduces scale buildup
+ Operational footprint among the industry"™s smallest
+ Self-aligning front panel for easy access to key components
Patented Harvest Assist efficiently moves cube ice to the bin
Smart-Board™ advanced feature module available for additional diagnostic capabilities
+ Industry-exclusive QR code instantly connects users to service information
Antimicrobial protection guards internal surfaces between cleanings
A full range of water- and energy-saving features

Scotsman Ice The World Demands

The World's Smartest Cuber.

Smart-Board™ Advanced Feature Module

• Optional advanced feature provides NAFEM data protocol on screen for early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues
• Allows for programming bin levels, checking cleaning history and runtime, and more
• Technicians can download data directly through the USB port, or use the serial number to check performance via a dedicated website
• Scotsman can retrofit existing field units with this exclusive technology

Scotsman Ice The World Demands


• Innovative LED indicator lights keep operators informed of unit"™s status
• Signals staff when it"™s time to descale, sanitize and more
• Relocated to the lower left corner of the panel for better visibility
• Each of the 4 lights labeled with an easy-to-identify icon

Scotsman Ice The World Demands

Self-Aligning Front Panel

• Easy maintenance with Prodigy Plus begins with the redesigned front panel
• More durable and robust, it features captured screws located within reach along the bottom of the panel
• Panel provides fast access to key components, including the diagnostics control board

Scotsman Ice The World Demands

Vari-Smart™ Ice Level Control

• Optional ultrasonic ice level control sensor allows operators to manually adjust ice levels
• Keeps just the right amount of freshly made ice in the bin
• Helps save water and energy
• Connects to existing controller
• Ideal for seasonal changes in ice needs or if you"™re planning to sanitize the bin

Scotsman Ice The World Demands

One-Touch Cleaning

• Scotsman makes ice head cleaning more efficient than ever with Prodigy Plus one-touch cleaning capability
• Employees can start the cleaning process with a single push of a button
• No additional selections or time-consuming oversight required; simply power machine back on after cleaning cycle is complete

Scotsman Ice The World Demands

It"™s Easy to Operate

Front-located air filter
• Ensures proper clearance and breathability for maximum energy efficiency
• Easily rinsed and reused, and also dishwasher safe
• Better visibility keeps regular cleaning top-of-mind for operators

Patented Harvest Assist
• Once ice cubes form within the evaporator plate, a patented process using a minimal amount of hot gas and an exclusive probe ensures that ice is easily and efficiently delivered to the bin
• Uses minimal energy

Scotsman Ice The World Demands

Patented WaterSense Technology

• Automatically adjusts based on water supply quality
• Exclusive feature helps reduce scale buildup for more sanitary ice
• Reliable sensor adjusts water purge at end of each cycle to flush excess minerals
• Automatically flushes the system to extend time between cleanings
• Operators can save water and energy where water conditions are better filtered by recirculating clean, pre-chilled water back into the ice-making process

Scotsman Ice The World Demands

Prodigy Plus
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