Skyfood Price Computing and Printable Scale LS-100, Thermal Printer, Capacity 60 lb

Skyfood Price Computing and Printable Scale LS-100, Thermal Printer, Capacity 60 lb


Skyfood Price Computing and Printable Scale LS-100, Thermal Printer, Capacity 60 lb

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Easy Weigh® Printing Price Computing Scale, elevated alphanumeric LCD pole display with bright red display for weight & pricing, 60 lb. dual range capacity, 30 lb. x 0.01 lb or 30 to 60 lb. x 0.02 lb. graduation, 60 front keyboard PLU keys with removable template, 1000 PLU memory with battery back-up, menu driven programming, cassette loaded thermal printer that prints customer name/product name/price, RS-232 serial port (standard), 16-3/10" x 10-1/5" stainless steel platter, barcode option standard, universal power supply & removable power cord, legal for trade, NTEP, 85v AC to 240v AC power supply, 50/60Hz, 100 watts, 1.6A


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Skyfood LS-100 Specs

Brand Skyfood
Model Number LS-100
Weight 32 lbs
Width 18.1"
Height 19.3"
Depth 18.1"
Platform material stainless steel
Graduation USA 30 lb x .01 lb
Platform size 10" x 16"
Housing plastic

The SkyFood LS-100 Price Computing And Printable Scale

Why Use SkyFood Price Computing And Printable Scale?

The LS-100 comes with a universal power supply and a removable power cord. Changing the PC-style power cord & using kilogram calibration, you can freely adapt to any foreign electrical outlets. Additionally, the LS-100 has an RS-232 serial port for connection to a PC or another LS100. Using the serial port, our Scale-Copy feature allows you to clone a scale in approximately 30 seconds!Using a state-of-the-art high speed 100mm/sec (4” sec) durable thermal print head, the LS-100 was built with the most demanding “prepack” applications in mind. With our innovative cassette drawer mechanism, the LS-100 can be loaded with labels quickly & easily. With a larger label roll capacity than most printing scales, the LS-100 allows for the most productivity with minimal down-time. We combined all these great features with an extensive Label Format Library containing the most popular label formats as well as many of our own custom label styles. With this much flexibility, the LS-100 can be easily adapted to replace any scale without having to change your current label stock! And with display & printer support for many languages (English, Korean, Spanish...) combined with support for ingredients, safe handling, By-weight, By-count, or even simple label printing, you can never go wrong with the LS-100!

SkyFood LS-100 Features

  • Rugged design for years of maintenance-free operation
  • Heavy gauge Large Stainless Steel platter
  • Quick-Response Weight display
  • Standard 1000 PLU memory with Battery-Backup with 672 Characters per PLU!
  • Tough high quality UV-sealed keypad
  • Alphanumeric LCD display for easy programming with Backlight
  • Extensive Label Format Library
  • Menu-driven simple scale programming
  • Quick operation keypad for high throughput
  • Standard RS-232 serial port
  • Networking available on some model
  • Can Print Ingredients & Safe Handling labels
  • Bright red LED Displays for Weight & Pricing
  • 60 Large Direct PLU Keys with Removable Template!
  • Cassette Loaded High Speed Thermal Printer
  • Advanced Windows Scale Software!
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