Baking Smallwares

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Shape & Bake Savory Dough Items with Baking Smallwares

Baking smallwares are kitchen tools and supplies used for facilitating baking tasks. Baking is an art as it requires the baker to measure and cut the right amount of dough each time, shape and cook it deliciously, and finish the products with eye-catching decorations. Buying a stock of baking smallwares enables you to create flavorful and attractive desserts and pastries. The handy bakery equipment helps improve taste, speed, and efficiency in your workflow.

Available Baking Smallwares

Restaurants and bakeries prepare and serve a diverse range of bakery products which require you to equip your establishment with various bakery supplies to get the best cooking result. Hence, small bakery restaurant equipment is available in different sizes and configurations to meet specific baking needs.

1. Baking Pans: They are the principal baking smallware in a commercial kitchen to bake various products ranging from bread to cookies and cakes with equal and even cooking. Depending on the conditions and requirements of your kitchen, you can opt to choose the most suitable option among the following for your business:

  • Bun & Sheet Pans
  • Commercial Roasting Pans
  • Baking & Cookie Sheets
  • Baking & Pastry Molds
  • Cake Pans
  • Bread & Loaf Pans

2. Basting & Pastry Brushes: These baking smallwares brush egg wash on pastries, a sweet glaze on cakes, or marinade on proteins. Featuring a plastic or wooden handle and bristles, basting and pastry brushes help you spread butter or oil on baked foods to enhance their taste and look and are quite like paint brushes with suitability for food contact.

3. Dough Cutters: Dough cutters help you cut dough into even portions and scrape them from the countertop, rolling boards, or other working surfaces.

4. Pie/Cake Cutters & Markers: Pie and cake cutters are practical tools to quickly and uniformly slice the cake and pies to make sure every portion is consistently sized and shaped.

5. Pastry Rings: Pastry rings let you make and cook perfectly circular pastries and desserts, holding the dough in the desired shape as it bakes.

Baking smallwares are handheld accessories to complete bakery tasks. Chef’s Deal also has heavy-duty bakery appliances like commercial ovens, dough preparation equipment, or bread slicer machines. You can also check out our other commercial kitchen smallwares to equip your foodservice business.