With over 60 years of experience, Somerset Industries knows what a durable and well thought out machine means to a restaurant or cafe owner. Their specific focus is on performance, precision, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you own a bakery, restaurant, or small, independent foodservice you will be in safe hands once you trust Somerset with yourself and your business.

The dough is a must-have if you're in the food serving business. Whether your main dish is a pizza or you are a bakery, you need good helpers in the kitchen. The Somerset dough sheeter has a compact design with 11 synthetic rollers, fixed speed, safety sensors, and spring-loaded scrapers. With a dough sheeter, you can make tortillas, pizza crusts, pie crusts, and many more! As you go through catalogs you will see that rollers and dividers and sheeters are different kinds of machines. But the Somerset dough roller can sheet, divide and roll your dough, it's just a matter of adjustments.

Perfection in Size and Production

With a Somerset pizza dough roller you can sheet up to 51cm diameter pizza dough within seconds. So per hour, you can have around 500-600 pizza dough sheeted. Also with the Somerset dough round divider and Somersetdough press, fondant sheeter you will experience the high-quality exterior. They are all stainless steel meaning they offer safety, sanitation, speed, simplicity, durability, and low cost. So to purchase a Somerset sheeter now means you will have it for the rest of your career plan.

When it comes to this brand, they have throughout everything for you from the beginning. Even if you don't realize it yet, they have and are prepared for it. The Somerset equipment stand for example is a heavy-duty utility table with a stainless steel exterior, two brakes on the two legs, and four wheels that give you mobility. Having one of these could help you big time as there is always a rush in the kitchen to put utensils and lose them, this is a great way to have them all organized.

In short, whether you are looking for a fondant sheeter or a Somerset cdr 2000 dough sheeter, you are in the right address! Don't hesitate to write to us about any problems and our experienced team will guide you along the way.