Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS Electric Convection Oven

Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS Electric Convection Oven


Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS Electric Convection Oven

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MarathonerGold Ventless Convection Oven, electric, single-deck, cook & hold, bakery depth, solid state controls, stainless steel front, sides, top, & rear jacket, 26" legs, CSA

Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS Specs

Brand Southbend
Model Number EB/10CCH-VENTLESS
Weight 690 lbs
Height 55"
Depth 42.25"
Power Type electric
Capacity per Compartment 5 pan capacity, per compartment
Control Type solid state controls
Type standard
Interior Finish porcelain interior
Exterior Finish stainless steel front & sides
Base legs
Deck Qty 1 deck
kW (per deck) 11.0 - 15.99 kW

The Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS G Series Electric Convection Oven Bakery Depth Single Deck With Cook & Hold Controls

Why Use Southbend Oven?

The G-Series Convection Oven, formerly Marathoner Gold, is available in several sizes to accommodate various kitchen needs. Ovens are available in standard or bakery depth, single or double deck, with standard, cook and hold, or programmable controls. G-Series Convection Ovens now come with the NRG system standard. NRG is a system that saves 35-50% in operational cost by use of a patented damping system. This series features a stainless steel exterior and 90,000 BTU burners for quick temperature recovery. Standard Depth ovens and accommodate one full size (18″ x 26″) sheet pan per oven rack left to right in the oven. Bakery Depth ovens accommodate full size sheet pans OR two half size (18″ x 13″) sheet pans per oven rack. Two control panel options are available to provide versatility.

What is A Catalyst?

A catalyst is anything that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. Our catalyst is made of fins that are composed of stainless steel foil (user in prosthetic implants) and coated with other materials that are also common in toothpaste additive.

Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS G Series Electric Convection Oven Bakery Depth
      Single Deck With Cook & Hold Controls, Chef's Deal
Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS G Series Electric Convection Oven Bakery Depth
      Single Deck With Cook & Hold Controls, Chef's Deal

Meets Epa 2002 Requirements - UL Agency Tested

The oxidation style catalyst is positioned above and below the oven fan. Air is constantly recirculated in and out of the catalyst. The aluminum oxide-coated fins react to the VOCs and grease vapor on a molecular level, safely converting them into H2O and CO2. In UL testing, our cavities produced 0.78 mg/m3 of grease-laden effluents, far exceeding the allowable 5mg/m3 limit set by the EPA.

Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS Features

  • Energy Star Compliant (Standard depth)
  • 11kW high efficiency heating elements
  • Available standard and bakery depths
  • Single deck convection oven is 55” in height (with optional casters)
  • Patented “plug-in, plug-out” control panel - easy to service
  • Slide out control panel for full view servicing
  • Stainless Steel front, sides and top
  • Stainless steel rear jacket
  • Dependent 2-piece glass doors (Full 180° opening)
  • Energy saving high efficiency glass windows
  • Heat keeping dual door seal system
  • Coved, fastener-free, porcelain interior
  • Stay cool heavy duty door handle
  • Two speed, 1/2 hp, fan motor
  • 11-position rack guides and 5 plated oven racks
  • Solid state temperature controls
  • Forced cool down fan mode
  • Oven “heat” light cycles with burners
  • Interior oven lights
  • (1) year limited parts and labor warranty

Southbend EB/10CCH-VENTLESS Specification

  • Exterior Finish: Stainless steel front, top, sides and rear jacket.
  • Doors: Dependent doors with windows. Low emission glass, stainless steel construction, heavy-duty welded steel frame and 5/8” diameter full-length hinge pin.
  • Oven Interior: Porcelain enamel finish, coved, fastener free.
  • Rack and Rack Guides: Heavy-duty removable wire rack guides spaced on 1-5/8” centers offer 11 different rack positions. 5 wire racks provided with each oven.
  • Blower Fan and Motor: 1/2hp, 2-speed motor, 1710/1120 r.p.m
  • Oven Heating: Oven heating is regulated by an adjustable solid state thermostat control. Blower fan circulates air within the cavity “scrubbing” heat to the oven interior for even heat distribution within the cavity. Manual reset high limit temperature control protects the oven from overheat condition
  • Electrical System: Terminal connections are located below oven section and are accessible from the front of the oven. These sheath type electrical heating elements located at the rear of the oven function as a single heating unit with a combined rating of 11 kW. Available voltages include 208. 240, 380, and 480 VAC single or three phase, 50/60 Hz. Ovens equipped with 480VAC single or three phase heating elements use 240V controls and motors and do not require separate electrical lead wires.
  • Control Panel: Located on front, at right side of oven, away from heat zone. Slide out panel extends over 17” for easy servicing
  • Interior Lights: Two 40 watt high temperature recessed lamps located within the oven cavity
  • Legs: 26” Stainless steel, triangular legs standard.
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