Southbend is one of the leading global manufacturers specializing in heavy-duty commercial restaurant equipment. Making innovative investments since the day it was founded, Southbend has been known as a brand having the most durable and high-quality commercial products ever made. If you are looking for durable products to equip your kitchen with, Southbend restaurant equipment is definitely for you! Here at Chef’s Deal, there are many Southbend products that you can choose from. Have a look at all of them and find the ones you need for your kitchen.

Southbend Kitchen Equipment on Heavy-Duty


Heavy-duty cooking equipment can be considered as the engine that makes your restaurant run. From convection ovens to gas restaurant ranges, they are a big part of your restaurant’s daily operation. However, to keep everything on track every day is not easy if you don’t have durable equipment. You need to be aware that old and poor-quality cooking equipment always requires maintenance which costs you both time and money. If you have been running a food serving business for a long time and it’s time to renew your kitchen, then Southbend is the right place to go. It offers a wide range of commercial equipment that will make your job a lot easier and give you time to focus on business development. If you don’t know where to start, let’s dive into the advanced features of Southbend cooking equipment.


One of the best-known products of Southbend is its commercial oven. With the Southbend oven, there isn’t one food that you cannot cook in your restaurant. There are countless types of Southbend commercial oven that suit the needs of your kitchen. However, if you are not sure what kind of commercial oven to get, then there are some things you need to know before buying one. First of all, there are some basic differences between a conventional oven and a convection one. They are both heated with gas or electricity, but the distribution of the heat differs. While a conventional oven has a stationary heat source, a convection oven has a fan that circulates hot air to cook the food in it. As the temperature is more consistent in a convection oven thanks to its heating system, it is possible to cook faster with it. If you run a food serving business that requires to take fast actions, then Southbend convection oven might be the one for you.


Another heavy-duty commercial product is fryers. It doesn’t really matter what kind of food business you run as most of them need a good fryer that will help serve the best fries. However, the definition of a good fryer might change according to your restaurant’s needs. If you care about the speed, then you have to look for a deeper fryer that allows you to put more food in it. If you care about the taste, then you have to look for advanced heating features that allow you to manage the level of cooking. If you look for an environmentally friendly fryer, on the other hand, then you have to choose an ecological one. Whatever you need, there is one Southbend fryer that will improve the conditions in your kitchen. All you have to do is to choose one at Chef’s Deal today.


Southbend Gas Ranges That Will Make Your Kitchen a Safe Place


A commercial range is a combination of a stove and oven. That’s why it allows cooking everything with one piece of restaurant equipment. Also, most of the commercial ranges have several burners that make stovetop cooking a lot easier. As commercial ranges are available in different sizes, they are numerous options that will fit your commercial kitchen. Famous for its gas ranges, Southbend also offers high-quality commercial ranges for you. If you are looking for an advanced gas range, have a look at all the Southbend commercial range models here at Chef’s Deal.


To begin with, it would be nice to view one of the classic Southbend range models. Southbend S36D series are durable gas ranges that mostly have 6 clog-resistant burners. The most important feature of them is to heat evenly and thus allow cooking the most delicious food. Besides, they all have crumb trays underneath the burners making them very easy to clean. Just like Southbend S36D gas ranges, Southbend 4601DD series have professional ranges that are heated with natural gas. The front rails of Southbend4601DD ranges hold dishes allowing food to be plated in the meantime. Besides these best-sellers, there are numerous commercial range options Southbend offers for food serving businesses. However, making a wise choice among them depends on your needs. If you have a big restaurant, then getting a commercial gas range might be inevitable. If you run a relatively small business, you might want to consider getting a Southbend commercial stove, Southbend broiler or a Southbend griddle that will suffice.


Become a Southbend Family Member with Chef’s Deal


Southbend, a part of the Middleby Corporation, is a well-known global manufacturer that has more than a hundred years of experience in the industry. From commercial gas ranges to convection ovens, all of your heavy-duty food equipment needs are professionally covered by Southbend. Especially, if you care about saving energy, cooking fast, safety and automation, you must become a member of the Southbend family and feel the privilege of using the most technologic commercial equipment in the world.


Chef’s Deal brings Southbend food equipment that you need for your commercial kitchen. It is the right marketplace if you need equipment that will make a difference in your kitchen without financial difficulties. When you decide which Southbend equipment to get, all you must do is to call us for a special monthly payment plan. Then, it’s time to have a dream kitchen that will make you famous for its delicious food. Have a look at all the Southbend products from commercial griddles to Southbend steamer options now and order what’s yours today.