T&S Brass EC-3100-LN Electronic Parts Faucet

T&S Brass EC-3100-LN Electronic Parts Faucet


T&S Brass EC-3100-LN Electronic Parts Faucet

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ChekPoint™Electronic Faucet, deck mount, less nozzle, 100-240 VAC adapter

T&S Brass EC-3100-LN Specs

Brand T&S Brass
Model Number EC-3100-LN
Weight 6.6 lbs
Type sensor / cable assembly

T&S Brass EC-3100-LN Electronic Sensor Faucet

General Info

Single hole deck mount electronic sensor faucet with polished chrome plated brass body, 3/8" NPT female outlet (less nozzle), AC/DC control module with internal flow control setting switches, temperature control mixing valve with check valves and 18" flexible stainless steel supply hoses with 3/8" compression connections.

T&S Brass EC-3100-LN Features

  • Single hole deck mount Faucet w/ polished chrome plated brass body
  • 3/8” NPT female outlet accepts T&S rigid goosenecks
  • Water resistant control module w/ internal flow control switches for adjusting auto time out & shut off delay settings
  • Optional auto flush feature flows water for 30 seconds after every 12 inactive hours
  • Optional metering mode
  • Plug in AC tranformer or (4) AA batteries (DC) power options
  • Mechanical temperature mixing valve w/ check valves
  • 18” flexible stainless steel supply hoses w/ 3/8" compression connections
  • Low battery LED indicator light
  • Material: Polished chrome plated brass body & gooseneck

T&S Brass EC-3100-LN Specifications

  • Pressure : 20 - 125 psi
  • Temperature : 40 F - 140 F
  • Flow Rate : 4.5 GPM [17.0 L/min] @ 60 psi [4.14 bar]
  • Water Consumption :
    • @10 sec = .75 gal [2.84 L]
    • @15 sec = 1.13 gal [4.26 L]
  • Other Details : See spec. sheet
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