As one of the top brands in the commercial refrigeration industry, True has a wide range of products. What is more, here on Chef’s Deal, you can find hundreds of award-winning True restaurant supplies! Globally known for its commitment to manufacturing high-quality and sustainable products, True offers different refrigeration solutions. From a True refrigerator to a True milk cooler, you can find whichever True restaurant equipment you want on our website at fair prices! 

Find out the right True for you!

True is famous for its high-tech, modern, and aesthetic True commercial refrigerator. You can find the right True refrigerator model after considering a few factors. If you need to store and cool a vast amount of food, you may look into a True reach in refrigerator or True roll in refrigerator with the option of glass or solid doors. True offers smaller models for your kitchen as well, like True undercounter refrigerator. 

Aside from a commercial True fridge, True freezers and True coolers are among the top products our customers prefer. Whether you pick out True reach in freezer or a smaller model, the freezer will keep your food consistent temperatures while maintaining its quality at the highest. True cares about the design just as much it cares about the technology and sustainability. That is why a stylish glass door True reach in cooler is highly preferred by many in the food business. 

Not just a refrigerator brand!

When you are running a bakery or a café, you need a display case to showcase your delicious products to attract your customers. What you need is a stylish new True display case! When it comes to amaze your customers and increase impulse buys, owning an open merchandiser is essential. You can buy a True merchandiser with 2 or 3 glass doors to use for displaying dairy products, soft beverages, and ready to go sandwiches. Don’t forget to check out the deals we have on True merchandiser refrigerator.

True differs itself in the commercial refrigeration industry from other brands with its comprehensive catalog. If you are running a bar and don’t need a True reach in cooler, freezer, and refrigerator, True has many products for you, too! You can buy a True beverage cooler to serve cold beverages to your customers. What is more, if you want to serve the coldest beer to your customers, True has got you covered! Invest in a new True beer cooler and let your customers enjoy a cold beer during hot summer days.

The Best Products with the Best Deals

As Chef’s Deal, we care about you and your business. We want you to serve the best food for your customer. Owning the right kitchen supplies for you is the key to that. We believe every kitchen is unique and should have the highest quality supplies, but we also think you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy them. 

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about True products or the financing options we have. Call us on our toll-free call centerline or use the Chef’s Bot on our website!