Founded in 1997, Turbo Air has been serving in the refrigeration industry with the mission of being the most respected company. With its high-quality products and superior customer service, Turbo Air has succeeded in this mission. And, as the leading restaurant equipment sale and service company, Chef’s Deal has been working with Turbo Air for years. Here you can find a wide range of Turbo Air restaurant equipment from draft beer coolers to countertop display cases.


Find the Commercial Refrigerator Your Restaurant Needs


If you are running a restaurant, café, bar or any type of food serving business, a commercial refrigeration is a must. They are designed to display and store food and beverages in a better condition. They also offer a chance to store food and beverages at any temperature needed. Thus, considering the type of business you are running is important before deciding on the commercial refrigerator you are going to get. For instance, if you have a bakery shop, then you might need a refrigerator that will both keep your delicious bakery products fresh and display their beauty to your customers. If you are running a bar, on the other hand, a professional freezer is what you need to serve cold drinks. Whatever you need, you should work with a professional to stay as a professional. Turbo Air offers various commercial refrigerators that perfectly suit your needs.


Turbo Air refrigerator models include countertop merchandiser refrigerators, merchandiser freezers, pass-thru refrigerators, reach-in undercounter refrigerators and many more. If you need to store a big amount of food, then Turbo Air’s M3 or PRO series might be the ones you have been looking for. M3 Turbo Air Refrigerator is known for its storage options while Turbo Air PRO Refrigerator is known for its durability. Among many Turbo Air fridge options, one other outstanding model is the classic reach-in refrigerator. If you need to reach the food easily at your restaurant, then Turbo Air’s reach-in refrigerators are for you. Keeping all the food fresh and beverages cold all the time is now an easy job with Turbo Air refrigerator models. All you have to do is to have a close look at their advanced features after determining the needs of your commercial kitchen.


Keep It Cool with Turbo Air


Food waste is not a matter for only food-serving businesses anymore. It is a matter that everyone in the world should be concerned. Being aware of that, Turbo Air focuses on providing the highest quality products and superior customer service in the most environmentally friendly way possible. With the professional restaurant equipment Turbo Air offers, it is possible to prevent food spoilage which is one of the biggest problems of commercial kitchens. Especially Turbo Air cooler and Turbo Air freezer models are right up your alley if you are looking for an environmental refrigerator for your restaurant.


Cold is one of the most practical ways of keeping food fresh longer. Thus, using a professional refrigerator that suits your restaurant’s daily or monthly food needs is also a good way to keep more fresh food ready to be cooked or served. Especially, if you have an ice cream shop or a bar, you should get a proper freezer that will not let you down. Turbo Air freezer options are what you need at that point. At Chef’s Deal, you can find different Turbo Air cooler models from merchandiser freezers to milk coolers. It is possible to have all the Turbo Air products with Chef’s Deal privileges. All you have to do is to decide what kind of cooler your commercial kitchen needs and you are ready to go!


Display the Beauty of Your Products with Turbo Air


Keeping food fresh is important but displaying it to your customers matters more if you want to create a good first impression. Turbo Air display cases offer what you need with their advanced features. You can find different types of display cases here from refrigerated bakery display cases to countertop display cases. However, choosing the right display case for your restaurant is challenging. What you need to do is to choose according to the type of your business.


If you are running a bakery shop, then you need something that will show the beauty of your products while keeping their taste fresh. Turbo Air offers display cases that are special for bakery shops. You can choose one according to the space you have at your restaurant and the amount of product you sell daily. If you run a hotel, on the other hand, probably one of the reasons people choose your facility is your self-service food options. Thus, getting a decent self-serve refrigerated display case helps maintain the good impression you create while your customers book. Here at Chef’s Deal, there are various versions of display cases that Turbo Air produces. Find the one for you and order today.


Make a Professional Touch to Your Kitchen with Turbo Air through Chef’s Deal


If it’s time to make a professional touch to your kitchen with the right commercial kitchen equipment, then it’s also time to introduce your kitchen with another professional. Turbo Air, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, offers what you need with its products and services. There are countless options from Turbo Air undercounter refrigerator models to reach-in freezers here at Chef’s Deal.


After determining the requirements of your restaurant, you can review the various options Chef’s Deal offers for you. Get your list together and get us informed so that you can get a special monthly payment plan. You don’t have to postpone your dreams about becoming a professional in the industry because of the financial insecurities anymore. Have a look at all the Turbo Air restaurant equipment here and contact us afterward.